Thursday, 2 February 2017



“If you are neutral in the situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of oppressor”.

PARADISE turned into hell”. That’s how the people who live here describe the occupied land as. Today, the word Kashmir has become synonymous with death and destruction. The state of conflict has undergone severe smash up and dent in past few decades. Kashmir, where normalcy word is redefined in the colours of bloodbath, curfews, and disappearances has life now vegetating in the trepidation, under the shadow of the gun that has destroyed as many roses. Reports of there yet again, deaths are frequent and the tot up of killings is on. Being more precise, the numbers keep in psyche wavering from even to odds to double to near triple figures. The tale of countless families in the summer of 2016, who have lost their sole bread earners beloved sons, fathers. Sisters and relatives have nothing than a picture on the wall talking to them. Imagine the plight of a back-bended father accompanying the coffin of his young son, an old wrinkle -faced mother mourning over the brutal killing of his only son, a sister holding onto the hope of his never-coming back brother on his marriage, a chid washing out the sniffs of his mother, an able learner smashing everything in despondency because of his lost Vision, a kid not at loggerheads for a toffee as fear of pellets when last time he had an idea of purchasing his favourite toffee almost destroyed his face, it still pesters him. From a 4 year kid to 70 year old everyone past the worst in these four mounts of the unrest. The trodden hearts of terrain and its quandary squashes the bystander and agitates one and all in the society. In all means human lives are put to risk, the noble souls are butchered and given upto the ghost. In The current climate of uncertainty ninety odd people were ruthlessly murdered, hundreds of people were left blinded and scores were injured physically and psychologically in the name of peace keeping. Our Inshas who aspired to be the doctors and scholars of the future were pushed to the dark walls where they hardly have any sight of anticipation. The mental health of the populace was severely dented and every single individual of the valley was left with a mental imbalance.  As Justine Hardy in the book “IN THE VALLEY OF MIST” depicts that Ninety per cent of the Kashmir Valley suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The most scenic valley of the world is often painted red by innocent blood for the sake of few selfish and self-centred people who are almost less than 5%.They for their personal welfare and for being in the good books of their masters have feed their core with ill omens.
The situation from point zero was completely misread by the authorities. Exercising maximum Restrain was just a mere Pretention while on ground “Bullet and pellet for every stone” strategy was implemented.   The scenario was aggravated by exhaustive restrictions be it on the physical movement by curfews or on media and communication in the Kashmir Valley, including blocks complete jams of cellular services, and limits on local print and televised news reports. Further, while dishonouring the curfew passes and the media persons have also been assaulted and arrested un¬der special security legislation. The advocates and defenders of the human rights were put behind bars sighting ridiculous reasons. Brutal use of force for one and all to crush the aspirations of populace was the only mean the authority restored to. Journalists from outside Kashmir were given access to portray a different scenario. A different picture was painted by labelling a kid who had gone for purchasing a toffee to a stone pelter. Amid the wrath and vehemence the blood kept seeping into the lakes and was painted red, pleading for its colour change and debugging of the tyranny. Many lives were lost no matter which side of the line they belonged, it distressed everyone.
Centre responded by sending in tens of thousands of security force personnel into the valley, when Kashmir was already one of the most militarized regions in the world.Their “anti-social” argument gained momentum within the country, presenting a different plate of diet to the rest of country. The only course of action they followed was by people-ling the empty streets by khaki-clad, lathi and machine gun-carrying soldiers; blocking roads by rolls of razor wire are like some dystopian tumbleweed. After innocent killings people were slapped with curfews resulting in closure of everything from emergency services to schools, Young people’s futures were kept on hold indefinitely. India has also damaged the impression of the government at the centre as it has been unable to do much about the situation in Kashmir. In addition, it has destroyed any remnants identifying the state with India thus creating a sense of alienation for the people.
We have had enough of bloodbath in the valley and people around are left with a mourning silence that has lots of stories to tell. If killings of guiltless citizens and their logging in jails prolong then how come a peaceful environment will persist.
The concerned Representative need to understand that change in their stance is the need of hour. Mere enquiry orders of the innocent killing that has been the code to deflect the masses by the so far governments will yield more alienation. Unless they examine conflict through civil society and then rebuild the civil society in the valley there is no future. There is no way of making progress until and unless the so called Representatives agree and understand that the valley isn’t just a territorial dispute but a battle to restore the dignity and self-being of residents. The human rights should be given properly rather than violating the same. This will bring a positive ambiance in the city which has been hounded by death and destruction .The presence of security personal need to be reduced to induce a sense of belonging among the general masses and better ways of mob controlling methods need to be inducted in their teaching manual. This will certainly lead to the control in spilling the innocent blood. These perfidious laws like AFSPA and PSA need to be revisited and kept away from the law books. The process of going away with these laws should be started right away. Initiatives to interact with the common people at ground zero should be started to give a confidence of belonging rather than estranging them. Round table meetings with the neighbours should be followed up for the unsettled issues so the entire Asia blossoms with peace and opulence. 

Junaid Shaida
Nepora Anantnag
Author is writer of Inside Kashmir with MBA & M.phil in Banking and finance