Monday, 9 March 2015

Why Saving Dal Has Not Been A Possible Job ?

No doubt several attempts were made both by Indian Central Govt. or state Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir  to save Dal Lake which survives it's most worst moments. Indeed the state departments or central employees filled their buckets from the money that was specifically meant to save shrinking Dal, but problem lies with other stake holders too about whom we have never discussed before.
We had hundreds of tributaries flowing from inner side of Dal those were connected with localities of Down town mainly starting from Nowpora but no one is anymore flowing as the locals or hanji's who used to live on floating gardens transgressed beyond limits and Dal's encroachment has now reached even worst that those floating gardens are now connected with two meter bridges with City Central. and no one is daring to make an end to it or halting their transgression. This is due to personal interests of MLA's in their respective towns. We have recorded from historical reports that Ali Mohammad Sagar who is a prominent MLA from Khnayar Constituency from last several decades has seen this encroachment before his eyes and this all has happened during his Membership in Assembly or during his Party National Conference's rule in state. As Ali Mohammad Sagar's vote bank wholly lies with these transgressors so how one can make an end to their illegal activities. It was during Congress and PDP alliance led government's coalition when a project was started and atleast some houses which were constructed on  mid of Dal Lake were demolished, which too has a reason. As Ghulam Nabi Azad was the then CM of state who had no MLA from the respective constituency were demolition was to be initiated so they started too prompt action with mild quality. Still Hanji's and others who had built houses on banks of Dal called called  Sagar to halt their action but were least successfull. And it is during the period of Governors some hard tasks are considered and executed because Governor too has no vote interest with People. 

The publication of this post has no intention to defame any Political Figure. However Freedom of expression is Fundamental Right in India.
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