Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Inroduction to Heart attack. Discussion of medicines too.

Hypertension is the most common disease in Kashmir, where almost every adult exceeding the age of 50 take the drug to control his blood pressure. As we know most of the people expire due to malignanat neoplasm (cancer) and Heart attacks. So, let us discuss what is an heart attack, and how to eradicate it, if you are at risk of develoing disease that will bring you on verge of death.
If you are even vulnerable to serious heart problems still it is possible and dependent on us completely, as how we take care of heart's health. But surely it depends utterly how early we keep checking and examining our heart. We can maintain a healthy heart if we will become little serious and concerned for it, in oreder to avoid dire consequences of hidden elements. Let us study those factors relating to heart which can cause heart attack. I will introduce briefly the mechanism of life threatning elements of heart. Heart which pumps oxygenated blood to all body parts so that life can be sustained, in same time heart requires rich oxigenated blood with vital nutrients that it needs to pump to whole body. Due to some serious ailments sometimes heart muscle starve when oxygen rich blood does not reach it sufficiently, at same time one person can feel chest pain which is also called Angina. The Chest pain is mostly suffered by adults of over 40 years world wide. The pain usually lasts for 10-15 minutes and can be serious if exceeds. Angina can be felt by a person when his artries are blocked by plaque and oxygen rich blood gets obstructed in artries thus heart muscles die of hunger and a person dies within minutes, and is said to be "Died due to Heart Attack". Now Let us discuss What is plaque? How it develops? and Why are we asked to maintain low cholesterol levels? It should be pointed that cholesterol is our best natural body developer if maintained at normal levels. If cholesterol exceeds the normal level for a long span of time it can be a deadly substance dwelling in our body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance of fatty appearance running inside our body, ensuring body growth. It is oil based and does not mix with water based Blood so it is transported in the blood by lipoproteins and the cholesterol parcels are itself carried by two types of lipoproteins. High density (good cholesterol) and low density (bad cholesterol) lipoproteins. High Density Lipoproteins are fruitful for body as they contribute for the structure of
cell walls. They make up digestive bile acids in the intestine and allows the body to make Vitamin D which later helps in absorbtion of calcium. And also allows body to make certain harmones. On other hand low Density lipo proteins are collected in the artries which gradually build plaque over walls of artries and causes damage to endothelium. Inside the walls of artries endothelium is thin layer of squamous cells that lines the interior surface of artries. Thus, keeping walls of arties smooth and toned which ensures smooth flow of blood through artries. When endothelium is damaged and plaque is enhanced over time, artries can get blocked anytime without a warning. Due to excessive plaque build up in artries blood flow is restricted. Meanwhile, the blood pressure continously pressurize the
artery walls so that blood could flow. At the same time plaque succumbs and ruptures due to pressure. Rupture naturally releases molecules to which immune system reacts immediately and clot forms over the rupture. Therefore clot wholly obstructs the blood supply to the heart and any  tissue of heart which is deprived of oxygen rich blood and other essential nutrients starve and die of hunger. The death to any tissue results in the malfunctioning which leads death to whole body. So, a patient dies of Heart Attack. Medicines play life survivng role in this case. As mostly adults take "sartans" to control their pressure of blood.  These medicines belong to angiotensin receptor blockers. They block harmone angiotensin II thereby lowering blood pressure.
The risk of Clot formation or thombosis is also avoided by experts. The patients who are at risk to develop blood clot in artery are usually given Aspirin in combination with other medicines. Aspirin has an anti-platelet effect which acts by restraining the production of thromboxane, which binds platelet molecules to form a path over rupture or damage.
The calamity of taking these medicines for a long period of time can be eradicated from one's life only when one becomes little serious for his heart's health. One who has abnormal level of cholesterol should adopt a new lifestyle of food consumption. Besides he must consult cardiologist immediately. Our valley hospitals are fully equipped with all those necessary machines/tools and medicine that prevent one who would fell prey to heart attack. If You are feeling chest pain for 10-15 minutes frequently, then don't wait for advent of Heart Attack. Consult a doctor for your better tommorow.

Mirza Sharafat Hussain Zarafshan