Friday, 5 December 2014

Health Mag : Herpes Virus Have Complete Treatment In Kashmir

Who says herpes is not curable

Inside Kashmir, is  total treatment for Herpes.

12/06/2014: Burhan Ali : Herpes virus which leaves painful rashes on skin especially in moth, back or on the genitals is unbearable virus which causes extreme pain and skin rash. Rash looks like a patch of pimples or people sometimes confuses with other normal skin conditions who may also look same like herpes rash. Herpes protrudes skin with number of small clusters which causes irresistible itching in its beginning stage and pains when advances. 
Medical Science may not prove helpful in this condition, anti viral drugs like acyclovir only prevents the disease from advancing but may not come with full cure or elimination of virus from body. But Inside Kashmir confirms the report that inside the State of Jammu and Kashmir is a religious saint named Molvi Noor Mohammad Pajwari who spiritually diagnoses viral herpes and disease escapes within 10 days of treatment.
Pajwari do not give NSAIDs or painkillers but tries to heal one's body rashes with his unique religious formula.
Number of herpes patients visit Pajwari at his residence daily. Pajwari resides at Karfali Mohalla, shala bagh, Srinagar, in Kashmir.