Friday, 7 November 2014

Jammu & Kashmir State Government Again Bans Illogicaliy Muharram Procession

Kashmir Police baton charging mourner.

Muharram 2014 Muharram Processions that have nothing to do with the state government or India sentiments but since militancy rose in the kashmir region muharram procession was banned. However the National Conference government is claiming that peace has veiled up the region during their ruling period clearly proves mendacity as the Government is failing to provide security to the mourners who mourn for the Muhammad's (pbuh) grandson Imam Hussain who was martyred along with his family some 1400 years ago in the battle field against tyrant ruler Yazid ibn muaviyah.
From Last two decades the Government of Jammu & Kashmir is depriving Shia muslims from practicing their basic religious duties. The State Government is India's first government who is openly infringing the article 25 of Indian Constitution, hence snatching the fundamental right from the citizens of Kashmir. The so called secular state of India is just showing off its dual facade to the people of Kashmir. One one hand it is calling Kashmir its body part that can't be removed from it, but the people living in it are not even allowed to practice their religion.
Tear gas being shelled at a blank distance to the mourners
Although people of Jammu and Kashmir are commemorating Ashura in narrow streets of Jammu and Kashmir, alters the objective of coming on roads to mourn and spread the message of Imam Hussain who lonely stood against the armies of Yazid.
During this year Shia Muslims who tried to demand their basic religious rights and defied the restrictions were severely injured and baton charged by Jammu and Kashmir police.
Dozens of mourners who were hoisting the flags of Muharram were detained.
 So, if anyone wants an answer to the question "Does Shia Muslims Practice Their Religion In A Secular State Even Where A Muslim Is Chief Minister". The answer to the question itself impresses "NO".

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