Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Omar Abdullah Goes Beyond Public Meetings

The Fall of Democratic Dynasty

 Apprehension To lose Coming Assembly Elections

Srinagar : A very unexpected news appeared on the vote counting day,  National Conference has lost it's three parliament seats from Kashmir against PDP. This stupefied  NC patron Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who for the first time lost Parliament seat in Kashmir. Omar abdullah currently CM of Kashmir asked the people to mail him the reason why ? people defeated national conference. In response Omar received hundreds of Electronic mails and  he himself tried his best to reach every one.
In an extensive mission of responce to people today Omar Abdullah  ordered the repeal of SMS Ban in Kashmir.  No doubt this may help him to gain vote banks but clearly it is not a good measure for security in tense state.
Omar tweeted "

on a s social networking blog Omar tweeted that he has received more than 1700 emails and he is reading each and responding himself.
You can also mail Omar Abdullah with your feedback at gupkar@gmail.com