Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Massive Search Ends. Fahim Asghar Vanished Forever Before The Eyes of Hameeda and Firdous.

Fahim Asghar Found Dead, body seined in Wular Lake, some 60kms from his hometown Nowpora Srinagar.

20 May 2014: Fahim who disappeared from his home shalighat nowpora, was today fished out from wular lake. It was believed that the three (3) year old boy has drowned into nowpora babademb stream. But his body was today fished out by the locals of Laharwalpora from the Wular lake, his body was found on it's banks.
 The boy was missing from May 6 after his mother went for ablution during late evening. When found his son missing she shouted Asghar Asghar but failed to find him in the locality too. She claims that her son has been kid nabbed and later murdered. However the family awaits the autopsy report. Fahim's mother also adds that when she shouted the name of her son he seem to be gagged. From then the Elite MARCOs, the deep divers of Army even searched him in the nearby lake where the slippers of boy was found.
Unfortunately the boy now is not missing but confirmed death as his father Firdous Ahmed has identified his body.