Friday, 4 April 2014

Corruption & Talent


“There is no dearth of talented ones in the state but a person-job fit notion has no takers in the board of so called recruiters out here”

 Junaid Shaida, Inside Kashmir :

The speechifying that “People are our most important positive feature in the setting of the social order holds good only when people of talent are placed ahead of the opposite ones. Everything embarks with talent, is what is taught and learned by the next generation.  Nobody turns into a C-suite executive overnight, but the polish of the talent and hard-work does set them in motion to be one. People who bring to bear, curious and agile learners put their foot forward to enhance their wherewithals. Their want to develop the traits, be it social or their per¬sonal development find ways to enhance the same. Once these novices find what they love to do, they opt for the same and progress towards perfecting it. Their sheer love, and enthuse towards their particularity falls in the same line of their hearts. People of potentials are determined to be successful as they trust their abilities interpersonal skills, and the openness to ideas. They are not wrecked and have excellence of being contributors towards the future growth. Their achievements, although encumbered by the barricade along the way, are backed by the skills of agility to trounce it. The pattern of their hit goes on becoming the mega one when their sheer talent is rightly placed and timely-honoured in the social arena. This allocates the perfection in the terra firma and places the right person at the right place. The society thrives and prospers in the right bearing when talents are appreciated to be in the places of their accordance and bugs of corruption, undue favours are kept at bay. Thrive of the flair is the spine of triumph, mantra of booming nations.
Nations have progressed on to higher and bloomed by placing the people of apt talents and hardworkers to the spot on places of work. They are recurrently on the up and up to set the order in the first place at the grass root level which bears the fruitful trees for the societal. But the amphitheater of the nation-state especially the valley has many offsets in its back-ground that are tormenting, be it the tale of right person with no job, the marks of conflict, undue advantages for A-class politicians etc. Although there is no dearth of talented ones in the state but a person-job fit notion has no takers in the board of so called recruiters out here. We know a person highly honest with social, moral values to serve but no opportunity to contest MLA or MP elections, we know a person of great passion to teach backed by sound knowledge of subject but cannot find him in the job of teaching and the list goes on. We have people of high good in specific fields, have great talents and ardour but aren’t rightly placed due to corruption; power of influence etc .This is a brain drain in the social order. It’s not the command in particular field that provides an upshot to people but the blue-eyed character and the digits of bank account that makes or breaks the fortunes. No matter how supremely talented one is, the worms of corruption tears him apart as soon he/she comes out of the castle of the Spain( college). Youth take pains in studying, tidying up their resources according the need so that they learn, polish their skills and be up in pulling off the secondary objective of being economically stable in parallel to the main intent of appreciation of there competence. But their hard-work and talent by a hair's breadth endows them with the sense of keep. They burn their midnight oil to be morally and economically suited to the public of equally. But as soon as they come out of college their dreams are whacked, consciousness is torn-out and the story of hard-work is left in the book for the shelf. The outside of the college hauls them to the concepts of favoritism, corruption, blue-eyedness, account balances etc. Their learned concepts of talent, hard-work, dedication and people of skills count are spanked with the rigid pulps of corruption, blue eyedness, uncalled-for favours and account balance lengths. They now start to deem that it’s not their talent and burn of the midnight-oil that will head them to crack an Entrance exam for a doctor or engineer but a bag of money can do the wonders for them. Here in yet again they fall to be in the same race, neither can such people give-up ethics & conscience nor can they afford to pay such huge sums. Theses morally well built folks go through the routes of challenging the unfair recruitment, which hardly bears them any end result. They either land in psychological depressions or appear in the list of the suicidal cases, which is a staid apprehension in the valley of the conflict. These inopportune road-blockers for the hard workers and talented ones have many phizogs be it in the form of what we call it as “CHAI” or the “MITHAIE”. This so called “chai” has become an important part in the public dealing from getting a residence certificate to submitting admission form, from making a file to move in inches to another table to getting driving license, everything halts for a fiscal push to work. Leave aside the placing a right person in the right place the smallest of the work in the public needs a pecuniary push. Until and unless a smallest of Monitory denomination catches an eye of a peon, the file of consideration will take years to be for consideration to the big crocodiles, at the top social ladder who guzzle up hundreds of millions for being influential enough.
Now a day’s its corruption that lands the inept people in the place where talented ones would have been. The part of corrupt influential system has forced talents behind the scenes, thus immobilizing the talented and poor. Every political party says it is trying its best to see the state corruption free at the end of its innings and the opposition raises the false hopes in the general public of destroying the bugs of corruption when in power. This has been the mantra of political affairs of the state where corruption and politics have become synonymous. The General populace are going through this with quite disappointment, frustration and discontent as in the long run it is they who are suffering to the hilt. When the outcome of the corruption in placed at the position of weeding the corrupt bugs, how on earth will they be able to deliver any good? How on earth would you expect them to do justice to their allocated services leave alone the humanity of the society?
The talents that have flourished under the apt vicinity have done wonders to the social order. It’s what you love, have wherewithal about and are placed in the doing-fit area create triumphant end results. The survival in the valley is a tough call though morally and economically where talents linger under the black-veiled ridge of altered form. However the hope against hope has to remain for the future perfect, the need of the present is to weed out the crooked, corrupt people from the system be in politics, recruitment or in any dealing. Removing the bugs of corruption will do wonders in every sphere; it will enable placing the person of appropriate talents at spot on places. The podium of society needs to be position-ate, When a job fit person in placed at the right place on the basis of the merit , talent, skill then same will the follow the same. People with apt talents and skills will be able to utilize and exploit their potentials creating developing and prosperous aspects in social arena. The need of the hour is to stand against the corruption and the people who are heavily increasing it. Be the one to stand against this deadly disease, do your bit by bringing these perilous corrupt people to the light.

Inside Kashmir