Thursday, 6 March 2014




Author is Research Scholar : Junaid Shaida

Kashmir well-known and branded as the “Switzerland of East” is renowned for its mammon, awe-inspiring picturesque beauty. God created Kashmir to provide a foretaste of heaven. The valley of beauty endowed and decorated by the mountains. The cascading rivulets with the crystal-clear water and the undulating range of mountains beautified with snow enthral on and all. The haughty standing snow-clad mountains, thriving green paddocks, dense evergreen jungles, pulsating lakes add to splendour of the valley is such a way that one can hardly afford to blink eye. The seasons in Kashmir may keep changing but every spell enlarges the exquisiteness of the valley in its possessed way. Each of the seasons, well defined from each other, comprise their magnetic facet to lure the seeking eyes of sightseers. Through blooms of spring via the brand new summers or the vivid and dazzling autumn to the splendid and chilly winters, every season has a so much to put forward to the follower. The unrewarded beauty of Kashmir has soothing impinge on the seeking ones and transmogrify one from state of flux to the bliss. My repulsively adequate mode of painting the visual rendering of Kashmir will hardly do any justice to its awe-inspiring splendour. So     

      “Totting up in a brief, Kashmir is paradisaical.”

On the onset of winter the dazzle ling -white, snow clad valley dribbles magical upshot to its dweller adding to the splendour of the valley. People desist to flatter winters by tagging it the spell of harshness and adversity in terms of the wows they face. But the fact, it is the winter that prolongs the summer which unfortunately remain back staged. Undoubtly during winter the people are left with glut of unaddressed issues from power cuts to road blocks through inefficient management. We the people of valley remain cut with the outer world. The winter secretariats move to Jammu leaving the people in the spot of hassle. Besides the secretariat move towards Jammu, a parallel common phenomena of unofficial Darbar move has catched the trend in last few years. Almost half of the valley’s populace heave up their socks and leave to the so called comforted destinations to Delhi and Jammu. This drift in life style is catching up fast with the inhabitants of the valley. People who eulogize the novelty of spring, the splendour of summer and the Golden Autumn appear unappreciated towards winter. It’s like betraying the lover in the times of trial. The ones who extol the bounties of the other season remain at bay to praise the heavenly harmony of the winters. The mind fails to understand why the white-carpeted valley doesn’t appear rendezvous to them? Why aren’t they gripped over by the nostalgia of the magic of the first snow-fall? How do they over-look the Mother Nature’s welcome during winters when the scene of the lone boatman scuffing through still waters of the Dal Lake, serenity of the atmosphere, the white swathed trees come across their mind? Now that spring is about to glance itself, the so called aficionados of valley will be picturing the volcanic heat of the comforted destinations, finding themselves in a hurry to return to the much fitting and revitalizing seasons of Kashmir. Discussing the overhead expenses and awkwardness of fine-tune themselves in the valley of flowers. Although the Mother Nature will greet them with the life affirming, revitalising season which they think will happen in la-la-land in winters. They tend to fail to notice that eminences of the heaven meeting the earth.  The time of season when valley gets decor by the carpet-tiles of flowers and the riot of colours bedeck the landscape which is spring has put its foot forward for the populace. With new hopes and prospect in the new season the people of relocated places find hard to resist themselves for being here. They start to pack their bags to return to the “Garden of almond blossoms”. They are the ones who appreciate and enjoy the ride and swim in the Dal Lakh but fail to overlook the frozen scene of the same. Eulogize the blue waters of Lidder; laud the frame of Pahalgam, Verinag, and Gulmarg but fail to realize that the white-carpeted version of the same which is equally praiseworthy. How do they fail to realize that these snow- clad mountains sustain the springs of Verinag, lidder in Pahalgam. How does the fail to see the blessings of winter for the summers? If you appreciate the rafting in summers then the skiing and snowboarding adventures in winter should be equally lauded. How can one not be grateful for the magic of IST snow-fall of the season, for the chills and calmness of winter in the mystifying land, for the long-livelily that winter infuses into the natural resources?
Although winter is expected to be full of harshness of unbearable chill, offend of darkness due to seasonal power-cuts, being confined to homes by road blocks, annoy due to stock unavailability and so on but the other bright side of winter makes it for the people. The magic of the first snowfall, the mysticism in the air, the frame of the snow-clad mountains, the picturesque of children playing on the frozen Dal Lakh, the snow-art, the rows of icicles hanging from a rooftop acting as natural glasses of decor, the tranquillity of the arena. The unrewarded beauty of Kashmir has soothing impinge on the seeking ones and transmogrify one from state of flux to the bliss. My repulsively adequate mode of painting the visual rendering of Kashmir will hardly do any justice to its awe-inspiring splendour. Winter breathes-inn life to the rest of the year, imparts life to dead stock. So Next time you pack your bags to leave for the so called comforted destinations do pay a head and pin your ears back to the hymn of winter  

Oh the people, who left me for comforted destinations
It’s me who sustains the summers for you
Engross magic & mysticism
Prolong the colours of spring
On tenterhooks against the hope
When i crawl back in
I look forward,
Under your own steam, hand-in hand together
Go into raptures over and enjoy my offerings
During winter.


Inside Kashmir 2014