Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hussain Hussain Heard From The Valley. A Blood full Nowroz At Shalimar.

Minority Shia Doctor professionally a physiotherapist murdered in Libya.

On the 20th March the riddled body of a young dr namely Irfan Ali arrived at his residence Shalimar. The advent of murdered body brought the fresh sorrow in the hearts of people over there. Dr Irfan Ali who was working as physiotherapist in Derna Hospital in Libya from last august was murdered by unidentified men. He was abducted on 9th march, added his brother Athar Ali. However the reason of his abduction is unknown.The family became aware about his disappearance , when his colleague informed Irfan's brother Athar Ali about his mysterious disappearance. Later family sent request to the ministry of External Affairs, who helped the family to probe into the matter. On March 10 the deceased's family came to know that Irfan has been shot dead.
As the body of Irfan reached on 3:20pm an announcement was made in the local mosque. People rushed from their homes. They shouted mournfully "ya hussain ya hussain" and at a time started chanting marsiyas, as a memento to the sacrifice laid by Prophet Muhammad's Grandson Imam Hussain some fourteen hundred years back.
Irfan's father was fainted as he screamed "Wen kaate tchandath myaane potro" (Where shall I find you my son). His mother  was not aware about the full incident, she was informed few hours before, as they found it difficult to console her. 
Dr. Irfan was engaged last year and was going to marry this year. The Hanker of his parents to see him bridegroom once remain unfulfilled. His coffin was showered sweets and deceased's relatives chanted wanwun on his corpse with moist eyes.

Inside Kashmir | 2014