Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Visit To Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar : Nostalgia

 A Story; Nostalgia; Opinion; Question

Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh :

I was feeling chilly after I bathed with cold biting water. October was declining and arrival of Muhhrram was coming soon . After I relaxed, fomented my scalp I unintentionally  contemplated on my Father's written elegies who were written on old decrepit papers. I compared the couplets written there and my own drawn verses. I composed a new elegy limning the prison of Shaam nowadays Syria and sufferings of Sukayna bint hussain over there in the prison. I tried to chant these verses in a sad tone, my mother who faced my right shoulder was quite. After I successfully indited the five couplets i saw to my mother whose face seemed to me blurry, as my eyes flooded with tears. she herself was quietly weeping after hearing my composed verses.
I offered Salah and  prepared myself to reach Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar for Muharram Programme. I reached Abdullah bridge and commuted the DDK path thinking positively about getting a solo muharram programme. It came the first check point where close circuit television was staring the entrants. Central Police men who were guarding the station asked about my Identity and did not allowed me to proceed. As I was not a usual or casual  artist, therefore I was not eligible to enter the Doordarshan as per them. However I persuaded the security personnel to enter the doordarshan premises. Although I succeeded to convince the guards outside but when it came the second check point, There did not seem anyone who could be convinced once more. An officer who provides the temporary passes told me "which programme executive you are going to meet" I answered "Incharge Programme Muharram" he gazed me for a while and turned the sheets looking for my name there. I told him "sir, you cannot find my name in these sheets.  As, it is my first visit here" The officer sitting firmly told me "so why are you misspending your time here" I slowly replied him "sir, how can I know who is incharge programme. I want to meet him once". He deliberately did not replied me. I once more asked him "Sir, I just want to enter his office". He replied "without pass you cannot..." I told back "until I will not visit him, how can I make my pass?" He answered for this " without pass I cannot allow you even a step." It was totally illogical, but it was called the strict security system for Doordarshan.  My legs broke down with disappointment. I was leaving hopeless from the doors of Talent Platform. When I turned back to leave I saw Masood Muntazir a noted host of Morning show at Doordarshan. I wished and shaked his hand. In this movement the Officer at checkpoint said "Mufti Riyaz" bowing his head. I have heard before this name from anywhere. The officer now again repeated and added "contact him". I left the check point and started surfing the Facebook where only I could contact Mufti Riyaz. You may be thinking why I did not asked the officer for his contact number. I supposed to ask him but he was not in the mood of giving me his phone number.  While  sauntering I brood about the Doordarshan, if it is a public service broadcaster, so why can't we even meet the programme executive. It was really feeling unpleasant. Doordarshan was reflecting me the Office of Prime Minister or a cantonment where a civilian is not allowed on usual basis. While walking slowly I dropped friend request to Mufti Riyaz. Unfortunately he did not used the social networking those days. But I too pledged to get the Muharram Programme.
For the acceptance of my request I spend three more days waiting eagerly, but no benefit. Later the evening I asked an employee of Doordarshan about his number. He trusted and gave to me his personal mobile number. Without wasting a minute I contacted Mufti Riyaz. He received my phone, I wished him and told him about a solo programme, geniunely how could he give me the programme on phone. He tried first to avoid, but later told me to visit station tommorrow. I reached accurately but still gate keepers did not seem to be willing to allow me inside the complex. I called again Mufti Riyaz, via my phone he discussed with security and I was allowed. There was no place where i could prostrate..! I rested in his official chamber, where he was not present. On calling him again I came to know he is busy in the Muharram recording process in the Studio Complex. Patiently I waited, how gently his honor came and moved to me from his executive chair to shake hands with me. Without asking me anymore he told me to chant a verse from the elegy. I impressed his honor. And was given tommorow's time for my recording. Likely Mufti Sahab was just supposed to be aware about my disappointment. My recording also took clam process. Later I was on air and my elegy was telecasted. I hope my verses would have brought tears to moist eyes. Later with the prayers of my beloved  elders I got number of Programmes from the same station.
Now in this paragraph I want Director Doordarshan Mr Shabir Mujahid to be accountable for my single question ? What is the process of legally entering Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar for a talented person who is having a hope but no official approach, whose shoes have ruined after walking to station. Who is being turned back after castigation from your officers at checkpoints. Tainted Perons are being allowed to station who claims to be public service broadcaster but  talented persons are not even allowed to see the office complex. Doordarshan has remained home for only those artists who have legacy and wide recognition, and no opportunity is being provided to the freshers. Fortunatelt on geting pass and if  the executives of programmes are being asked for any chance in programme which are being telecasted from the station their reply is same "Wait for our advertisement marquee on television screen" But I want to comment here no advertisement marquees are being telecasted when the require artists. Casual artists are being given chance on approach basis inside the station. Rarely advertisements are telecasted to fulfill the formality, to seek secure path from any inquiry.

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