Saturday, 18 January 2014

Beware Of Facebook Accounts

 Beware of Social Networking

18/January/2014: Many of our volunteer bloggers reported from different cities and towns of Kashmir, about the fake use of Facebook Accounts especially on the basis of female sex gender.
One of our senior blogger reported that private sector companies in Kashmir are increasing the number of female sex accounts to attract opposite genders to achieve their purpose of liking pages of their companies. Actually the employees of Companies are given responsibility of fraudulently signing up the facebook with sham identical information. Thus genuine users of facebook fell prey to these accounts and even share their confidential data with them. But primarily these fake accounts are only made to invite guys to like their pages of Companies hence promoting their brands with no cost.
We appeal to all the users of Facebook to be alert when receiving a friend request from any stranger, especially when the stranger tries to pretend your crony.

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