Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Winter Vacations Begin: Thugging As Well

The Secret Watch Agency Kashmir | Inside Kashmir ; 12/3/2013 : As the, vacations began, in the Srinagar city the contemporary modern schools have screwed tight their bolts of thugging the students and their staff as well. Students are being asked to bring hefty amount of money in the winter session when students does not attend even a class at their schools. Nor the Schools provide necessary heating arrangements for their students and staff during the chilly periods.
Many schools across the Raj Bagh which is hub of private schools were scanned by SWAK secretly and following information was gathered.
  • Private schools of Raj Bagh did not paid winter salary to their staff. However in some cases most senior workers are given. "My School" was secretly examined in this case
  • The Schools demand huge amount of money in the name of fee, while the quality of education is not meeting the standard.
  •  The teaching staff is not being treated in noble way. "Lawrence Vidhya Bhawan" was examined secretly regarding the Arbitrary of Behavior with Teaching Staff
This post is in combined created by Inside Kashmir & SWAK (Secret Watch Agency Kashmir) a non governmental agency watching different institutions and governmental departments in case of Misconduct and corruption in system of work.

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SWAK | IK 2013