Sunday, 15 December 2013

Budgami's Habba Khatoon Resurrected

Inside Kashmir, Imran Banihali, 12/15/2013 : The Kashmir's romantic love tale of Zoon and Yousuf Shah Chak of 15th Century which was filmed by Kashmir's first filmmaker Bashir Budgami was unfortunately erased by Doordarshan in 1990 turmoil. It was recollected by budgami by his personal effort during past couple of years.
Habba Khatooon Titled film which was no more available after its deletion in Doordarshan Kashmir was recollected frame by frame by Budgami. Budgami gallantly gathered shots and weaved the film again. And today it was screened at SKICC (Sher i Kashmir Convocation Center) in the presence of huge number of viewers and Budgami himself.
Zoon is a poor girl married to a boy who fails to give her proper love. She faces calamities over there.  After she gets divorced, she used to chant romantic verses around the uncultivated lands. Once Yousuf Shah Chak heard and saw her beauty. He was amoursly attracted by her. Then on the consent of Zoon Yousuf Shah married her. Both loved each other intensely. But their love was no more longer than rain of monsoon. After Yousuf leaved to meet Jalal ud din Akbar, he was betrayed and arrested over their. formerly known as Known as Zoon who was now called Habba Khatoon wondered in search of Yousuf Shah. She loudly chanted "O Yousuf where did you sleep". Habba Khatoon then died in the love of  Yousuf ascetically despite being a Queen.

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