Monday, 2 December 2013


It not only brought disgrace to the professional ethics, but also highlighted the gloomy future our society is approaching towards... !

Mushtaq Peer
 Ever since the news of BOPEE scam came into limelight, apprehensions about the devastative future are showing no signs of dying down. Noble professions are out for sale!!! Yes, you heard it right. Shockingly there seems no reward for working hard. Instead if you have enough money at your disposal, there is no need to toil hard. Just chill and let others work day and night, still the seat will be yours. Money is what matters not the talent. What a shame!!!! Ironically talent goes unrewarded and disrespected everywhere. Today money has become the heart and soul of people. They can go to any extent to amass wealth for themselves, whether by fair or foul means. Such a kind of precarious case has surfaced and shocked the whole state. The deplorable incident of selling CET (common entrance test) papers to blue eyed candidates has raised questions over the functioning of the concerned department and the officials associated with it. How on earth, the designated officials can make unfair use of their power and move freely while helping some unworthy candidates to achieve the highest feat of qualifying the entrance exam for their own self-seeking benefit. The scam unearthed by the crime branch reveals the pathetic and disastrous phase our society is going through. It is not the first time that such kind of allegation is reported, but time and again they continued to come forth. With the lack of proper follow up, they ended without any results which strengthened the morale of tainted officials to carry out those acts again and again.  
Much to the dismay of those students who burn their mid night oil to get themselves figured in the merit list this scam has also made other aspiring students worrisome about their future. Fearing that their hard work might be of no avail and would yield them nothing other than being betrayed to give room to some influential students, they see no hope for themselves to earn the rewards they actually deserve. They are apprehensive about the working mechanism of this system and why shouldn’t they be? The BOPEE scam has hit seriously their spirits and has lowered their self-confidence. If after working hard they still get to see biased results, then what good could they expect for themselves? This scam has come as a black spot on the transparency of the said exam. Although boasted of having a fool proof mechanism to ensure no partiality, but the scenario itself speaks loud and clear and is contrary to what the policies have been devised for. Undoubtedly there is a sense of collective unease with the state of affairs. The scam has raised profound questions about the ethical health of our system which is no more in a good state. With such a system in place that fosters and encourages corruption, the possibility of genuine and fair results remains a fairy tale. How can someone be that vicious and cruel to play with the careers of those who toiled hard on 24 x 7 basis but could not make it the profession, is what is commonly being asked by all and sundry with a feeling of anger for the authorities. If on one hand the BOPEE authorities were at default, but on the hand the parents of those wards too were also equally responsible for this shocking, awful and shameful incident. This unacceptable and unpardonable scam would never have taken place if the parents wouldn’t have offered bribe to the officials. What good have they done by getting their wards admitted in the prestigious institution by bribing the tainted officials? Instead if they had stressed their children to work hard and secure this feat by their intelligence, this would have added to their glory and they would have felt proud of their achievement. They have diverted their wards towards the wrong way, the way that could ultimately lead to their decline. These parents have not only brought disgrace to themselves but have earned it for their children too. It is a collective crime that has taken place by the co-ordination of both the tainted officials and the parents.               
Corruption has become a lubricant that is driving our system and incongruously we too have started to live with it. The state machinery seems to be helpless in nipping this bud from the hole. Hadn’t our system a compromised and corrupt one, none could have had the courage to take undue advantage of their vested powers. Corruption constricts and crushes the ability of the honest people to work as per their conscience. The impact of the revelations is much greater. It has destroyed the career of many young students who had burnt midnight oil to get through the entrance test. Those people who paid the money and found their entry into the medical profession should be also treated as criminals. This grave scam has highlighted the dreadful malpractices that have become the talk of the town. Justice demands that those who have paid money, their admissions should be cancelled forthwith. It is also hoped that the crime branch works with more transparency and reaches to roots of the scam in order to restore credibility of such institutions.

Author : Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

Inside Kashmir | 2013