Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Magic of Love

The essence of love in relationships can never be compared to any worldly possession.

“Love”, a serious stuff that is often disregarded these days, hold a special place in one’s heart who truly understands its importance in effective relationship. It is one thing about which everybody talks but only few understand its real worth.  No relationship can ever survive if the necessary bonding force i.e. “Love” doesn’t exist in the hearts of those who intend to be meant for each another. People have always searched for Love. But most of us are never completely fulfilled. Those who underestimate the power of love and try other ways to build and maintain the relationships, end up with nothing in their hands at the end. The indispensability that “Love” holds in the formation of new relationships and that in nurturing and blooming the existing ones can never be overlooked. It forms the basis of affection between two hearts without which they couldn’t withstand the challenges coming in their way. As it has been rightly said, that “Love conquers all” so, it does not matter how callous and unsympathetic conditions may be. True Love always finds a way to win out the hearts of critics. We humans have made this lovable and endearing stuff so complex that it has now become difficult for us to handle and respect it. Otherwise no other thing in this world can compare this worthless asset which God has gifted us with.
Ironically today’s “Love” has become conditional. It is matter of humiliation for the entire humanity that God’s best gift to man “Love” has been time and again mishandled by humans. Love is not a prize that can be idly thrown about as a bribe. Instead if we recognise and acknowledge the real meaning of “Love”, we would right away stop playing games with each other’s emotions and lives. Frankly speaking we have lost sight of what really love is. It seems to be an elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Loving someone exactly as they are creates a positive atmosphere where effective and productive relationships dwell. Instead of trying to transform someone into a being we may be comfortable with only creates misunderstandings and acts as a driving force for conflicts and confrontation. Real “Love” is unconditional “Love” and unconditional means unconditional. To love someone unconditionally, we have to love ourselves first. Rest will follow automatically. Unconditional “Love” can only be expressed when we have experienced it for ourselves. Before expecting others to love us, we must first love ourselves to know what real “Love” means and how to express it to others. Unconditional “Love” stems from forgiving ourselves and others in order to find the empathy, kindness and understanding necessary to know what it means to unconditionally accept a person. The art of loving ourselves unconditionally helps us to get rid of criticising and manipulating in addition to let ourselves stop condemning others. Unconditional “Love” nurtures the growth of wisdom and fosters the principle of truth, for without truth unconditional “Love” is unable to exist. Love will only exist in an honest heart that is free from fear and doubt. By becoming honest with ourselves, we can definitely find what we are looking for. Being honest enfolds our unique characteristics which helps us to recognise all the wonderful things and make us unique and irreplaceable. Unconditional “Love” is the greatest lesson humans can learn. Contrary of being honest, if one starts to lie and living an illusion, it will only serve to create further illusion and deception eventually resulting in misery.
Love is eternal and beautifies every relation with its bliss. It not only makes life live but also adds glitter and sparkle in it. It fastens every relation so that there is no room for any misunderstanding and disagreement. It not only does wonders in keeping the spirit of relationship alive but also serves as a base which could enlighten the whole life with beautiful colours. Love gives a purpose to life. It increases the faith and trust that partners have in them for each other. It also eliminates egos which is always a good sign for partners as they learn the necessity to care for each other and pardon without having each other’s grudges. Further it leaves no room for materialism to persist and thus, drives one to move forward without any greediness or voracity. Love is the most important thing in life without which we make our lives meaningless. Love is a pure state of being. It is ever present, growing and evolving through unconditionally loving ourselves, and then having the understanding to share that unconditional love with another. Learning to forgive those we believe have emotionally hurt us, we can bring unconditional love into our lives by changing our thoughts. Through forgiveness we can touch the essence of our love, and change the perception we have of our life. If the entire humanity learns the essence of love and forgiveness, then there would be no space for hatred and dejection. Instead love will flow like anything and make our lives contented, joyful, cheerful, jovial and worth living.   

The rainbow is in our hearts, and love really is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, waiting for us to claim it as our own.

Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi