Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Muharram Procession Banned In Srinagar

Kashmir. 8th Muharram 2013  :
Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh 

 The Muharram Procession which would begin from Guru bazar today has been banned by so called Secular state of India.
The Government of Kashmir today openly infringed the fundamental right to practice religion boldly stated in Article 25 of Indian Constitution. The Omar Abdullah led Government imposed strict restrictions over Muharram March and did not allowed the Ittihad ul Muslimeen led by Molvi Abbas Ansari to organize  Muharram March that would begun from Guru Bazar in city heart. However Omar led regime is allowing Amarnath Yatra and provide them proper security but state authorities fail every year to provide necessary requirements and proper security arrangements to minority Shia community dwelling in Kashmir. Omar Abdullah led government also failed last year to disperse the extremists who were disturbing the Internal Street Ashura Procession at Zadibal. As Government has lost it's control over sectarian dispute, there is apprehension of Sectarian Collision in the vulnerable down town areas of Srinagar especially at Gojwara , Bohri kadal and Nowhatta in coming two days from today. Extremists may barge into the Holy procession and interrupt the mourners from lamenting which may result in riot rampage.

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