Monday, 16 September 2013

Shopian Tragedy


Carnage followed by chide

“If you are neutral in the situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of oppressor”.


Junaid Shaida :

PARADISE turned into hell”. That’s how we the people who live here describe Indian occupied Kashmir. The state of conflict has undergone severe smash up and dent in past few decades. Kashmir, were normalcy word is redefined in the colors of bloodbath, curfews, disappearances etc.  Life over here vegetates in the trepidation, under the shadow of the gun that has destroyed as many roses. Reports of there yet again, one more died are frequent and the tot up of killings is on. Being more precise, another life was put to death by none other than ‘security men’ for reason apparently best known to them. The situation in the valley is back to square one, from where we started. Everything is silent except the guns which keep blazing all the time. Mass rape, disappearances, custodial killings are the highlights of the men in uniform who claim to be our redeemers. Every now and then the squeaky-clean, innocent populace are put to death cold-bloodedly. The incidents of killing innocent people keep circling in the valley from one place to another, from Bandipore to Ganderbal via Gool to Shopiyan and the authorities have a get-away quote “We won’t spare the guilty”.
The tale of countless families who have lost their sole bread earners beloved sons, fathers. Sisters and relatives have nothing than a picture on the wall talking to them. Imagine the plight of a back-bended father accompanying the coffin of his young son, an old wrinkle -faced mother mourning over the brutal killing of his only son, a sister holding onto the hope of his never-coming back brother on his marriage and a chid washing out the sniffs of his mother. The trodden hearts of these families and their quandary squashes the bystander and agitates one and all in the society. In all means human life is much valuable than anything, then why the noble souls are butchered and given up the ghost. The Gool incident was still fresh within the memories of the people that men in uniform, so called Protecting force repeated same in shopian which indicated they fall on the opposite side of the line. How can people be killed for having a ride on a motor-cycle I wondered? But then I remembered we are residing under the brutal occupation of Indian forces. Where only the so called Representatives of the state and safe and sheltered. The killing of the innocent populace by these so called Security persons is gruesome and worrisome that besieges one and all. The forces in the state enjoy impunity by the laws like AFSPA which licenses them to kill anyone in the state. Four innocent people were brutally killed in shopian by the security personals for nothing else than having medals on their uniforms. These culpable men in uniform claimed that they have killed the terrorists, when the state Police clearly claimed that the people killed were having not even a single FIR registered against them. Truth can’t be kept back as it will come through the veils and thrive to the surface as falsehood by its nature is bound to perish. With the state of affairs it appears that New Delhi is merely concerned with the piece of land rather than the population of the land. When a glimpse of peace returns in the valley, it’s again torn into pieces by the brutal killings of innocent citizens of Kashmir. It appears that men in uniform fear about the loosing of their jobs by the peaceful environment, so indulge in killing of people of Kashmir for the sake of their own. How hard-nosed are they and how hard-hearted are the authorities who discuses the number of the killings rather than the impact and the gruesome of the killings. The people in power have concern of the four-legged throne rather than the plight of the browbeaten. The Govt report card may get itself A+ graded in development but the splodges of bloodbaths of the common populace in it can’t be kept veiled. The killers are rewarded and innocent people who are brutally killed are termed as fugitives and rebels. The system the orders a probe and labels the brutal killing of the innocents as part of peace-keeping procedure. Every time when such incidents occur the cycle of look-into comes and lasts forever and the authorities have a single quote for everything that “investigation is going on and the guilty will not be spared. The opposition blames the ruling party and latter gets away by the mere enquiry order. The barbarity of Shopian has once again revealed the real face of despotism of the security forces revealing the democratic system is just a show-skull in the valley. The land is lawless and people are questioned every now and then to prove their identity. New Delhi needs to understand that no compensation can pay-off the killings of the common populace. Every single govt publicizes for peace process but pays no heed to the course of action. The only course of action they follow is by people-ling the empty streets by khaki-clad, lathi and machine gun-carrying soldiers; blocking roads by rolls of razor wire are like some dystopian tumbleweed. After innocent killings we are slapped with curfews and bandhs resulting in closure of schools, postponement of exams hence Young people’s futures are kept on hold indefinitely. If killings of guiltless citizens prolong then how come a peaceful environment persist. AFSPA should go to avoid the destruction of lives of the citizens of Kashmir. Govt needs to act and act fast to avoid such calamities in future. For God sake atleast the Representatives of the state need to understand the value of precious human lives.

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