Friday, 6 September 2013

Shame On Omar's regime

Friday September 2013: Omar Abdullah, the CM of Jammua nd Kashmir has not left anything unturn in doing discrimination with his own community the Shia sect, a minority community in Kashmir. The shia sect which is known for their mourning in Muharram are not allowed to mourn in the holy month of Muharram, However India is raising slogans of Freedom of expression and religion practice, stated boldly in Article 25 of Independent Indian Constitution. Omar Abdullah is allowing concerts for the foreigners on that occupied land where the minority locals are themselves deprived of their basic rights of practicing religion.
Shia community  mourns in the holy month of Muharram to mark the martyrdom of  Imam Hussain the grandson of Last holy prophet by organizing the religious procession on the 10th of Muharram which would proceed from Lal Chowk. The purpose of the procession is only to show the world and non muslims "what actually happened to the households of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)". But unfortunately Shia Muslims are not allowed to mourn from past decades. The government led by Omar Abdullah who himself belongs to Muslim family imposes strict restrictions to avoid the movement of mourners from the city heart.
Omar Abdullah led government is imposing curfew and detaining dozens. The government is feeling the procession may turn into anti India which is totally illogical. The mourners have nothing to do with India on the day of Ashura as Ashura is the climax of mourning,  nothing about  India. The government comes with next excuse to impose the ban continuously.... the excuse impresses the apprehension of sectarian collision.
This may bring some difference. But government has excessive security forces here in Kashmir. Just like government is deploying security on Amarnath Yatra or the government has endured expenses upto tens of crores, and has planned to seal 14km boulevard road which is fulled with hustle and bustle only for 90 minute concert which will be held by Zubin Mehta why the same government can't deploy forces on the day of ASHURA which would proceed from Lal Chowk and culminate at Zadibal.
   The people of Kashmir should strongly condemn any activity on their homeland by foreigners only because their own activities are restricted by the Government. Abdullah's regime should think on this issue because one day he will be asked ... !

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Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh