Sunday, 8 September 2013

Parenting a child

Imparting proper moral values blended with apt upbringing in addition of creating a sense of social interdependence could lead to a better and prosperous future of a child.

Parents, the worthless assets for children, play a crucial role in shaping their future. They by their dedication and allegiance could raise their children into a better prospect for future but on the other hand they too could prove to be a cause of their failure. Through their prominent nature, they can significantly influence the behaviour of their children to what is good and acceptable while preventing them from bad and unacceptable practises. As evident from the present scenario, our societies are deeply crime ridden. The parents by virtue of their God gifted capability can bring about a change by inculcating proper moral values, respect for others, and above all the spirit of unity and brotherhood among their children so, that they could understand the importance of living with harmony and proceed towards a much better and prosperous future ahead. A quote that states “The child of today is the citizen of tomorrow” necessities that the children should be nurtured in such a way that they should be able to contribute in the development of nation. But alas, this spirit seems to be missing and on the contrary, today’s new generation is getting wayward, rebellious and disobedient. Much to the annoyance of parents, the children take up their own ways to deal with their affairs, thereby neglecting any possible consequences that their parents might have to face because of their illogical nature. 
The main role of parents is to create such an atmosphere around their children where they get attracted to learn more and more good things, while as keeping bad things at bay from them. They through their distinguished ability can create and foster a sense of better understanding among their children, so that they too could differentiate between right and wrong practises. It is a well known fact that children try to imitate what their parents do, so it is must for every parent that they should watch out each and every action of theirs, which could create a bad impression on the minds of their children. Further it is the duty of both the parents to devote a considerable amount of time to their children, which would help to strengthen their bond and build up a better and ideal relationship between them. Any sort of disputes or conflicts must be addressed in their absence, which otherwise could affect them psychologically. Parents need to keep track of their children’s activities, so, that they don’t end up with a mess. Worth to mention is the fact that the parents need to show respect to the genuine demands of their children and provide them a proper platform to defend themselves in case they need to do so. Parenting a child needs patience, perseverance and persistence. On one side it is one among the most tedious works to do but on the other side it is the most enjoyable and pleasurable experience that parents have. What children learn in the childhood, they try to utilise same in their coming times. So, it becomes necessary that they are made to learn such things which would benefit them in their lives and ease their way in moving forward.
Parents can mould the behaviour of their children in any direction they want to. They are thus well professed with this art, but the only thing that they have to take care of, is that the direction should be right, accurate and proper. They have in them the power to make or ruin the life of their children. The parents need to carry out their intended responsibilities with all their spirit and dedication towards building a successful future for their children, which should be their main aim too. They have to make them understand that there is limit to everything which if crossed, could be hazardous. A child can’t attain big heights unless he is made to dream about it and shown the appropriate way to achieve it. Parents have this potential and competence that can make their child realise their dreams in an effective manner. Parenting holds a key in building and shaping the future of a child, which if done with perfection could lead to a better and promising prospect for the coming times.

Author: Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi
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