Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Suicide that gave birth to life

The brawny emotion were scraping his soul and smudging the nadirs as if stuns of potent shocks were on high. In the blink of an eye the sweeping episodes of life were gyrating around the focal ends of the head. Abhar looked as if he was running out of the potential, harmonizing within the agony, soreness and some blissful intervals of living. He was edging through the tunes of down in the dumps but now the disapproval of hanging to the hope and faith was on table as the ill-lucks and holdups appeared as never-ending and vicious. This was making his soul too burdensome to bear even a little annoy. These troubles were taking tool on his body and soul. His physique emaciated every single day dark circles made him bleak and life appeared to him a bug-bear. Life has been an unforeseen expectation, for Abhar from The Peer of the Real, full of dips and downs. He by a hair's breadth had once in a blue moon streamlined gloss. Life had never been a twin faced experience for him, as he could sum-up the theme of living by numerous reasons accompanied by the sadness that left a sore of being faded away in him. He sensed his Life evolves through the tunes of down in the dumps as the numbers seemed hardly melodic to him. He had lost the art of mastering of foot-tapping on the sundry jingles. Life revolved round the thrills of joy in his early days but then the dramatic drift of being engulfed with agony and soreness that appeared never-ending, left Abhar in the sense of being ill-lucked and abandoned by the Creator. He had in him the scholarly soul but troubled times of his living had downcasted his mental and physical psyche. He hunted his life for a flip to have some sunshine as the rains of sorrow were about to windswept his anchor. His optimism about the turnaround of events was losing its ground as every second occurrence was bass-beating his faith pounding.           
 The threshold of endure about misfortunes was punching hard and the mark of fortitude was conked out. Abhar could hardly recuperate the blueprint of his ongoing and in the lead of trailing the distorted portrait of life twisted into gray. His sagacity was nowhere to be found and suddenly an unfathomable voice stuck his soul for having a run-away from the ungainliness life. Before he could summon up his much loved excerpt “TROUBLES DONOT LAST FOR-EVER” negativity brought him down in low spirits. His sense to overcome the troubled life lost the grip and he dragged himself to be somewhere where not a soul could defame his noble and intellect life. The dilemma of re occurrence of failures engulfed him forcing the penknife to smack the pulse vein. Abhar sensed as if zilch took place as he had beforehand lost the plot and was in a position where numbness was on high spirits. The blood was dribbling out of the vein as if the stem was ajar. Abhar turned as if he was anesthetized, traveling in-between the line of death and life. The disjointing from living was on cards until Abhar’s mother entered his room with a cup of black tea that his son used to love a lot. Upon opening the door her eyeballs were literary knobbed out, the cup of coffee tipped-out on her foot. She was utterly void and almost numb by the event she witnessed. Prior she could be cataleptic and loose her wits, her attire of keeping up with the life pushed her reflexes quickly to have a rejoinder to the event. She was the woman with strong apparel who had fought with all the odds in her life. She got back on her life and took her son in the arms and swathed the cut vein with a rag to avoid more blood loss. With her loud voice she grasped the attention of her husband to start the car towards the hospital. It was a hard-hitting task for her to acquaint Abhar’s father that “Abhar has incised his pulse-vein”. Abhar was hasted towards hospital passing through dusk reflecting as if Abhar was also about to hide from the life for her mother. She was having all the prayers for the well-being of Abhar, reciting all she could remember of religious convictions. Upon reaching the hospital Abhar was down for the count and was shifted to emergency to alleviate. The family was outside waiting, and Abhar’s mother counting every passing second with her heavy, broken but faithful heart. She believed that Faith in Almighty will certainly make things smooth. After the kill time of almost an hour the Doctor ciphered to Abhar’s Mom that he is safe and even for the doctor faith in God has restored. The Doc and Abhar seemed to be sailing in the same boat as per their troubles of life. Inspite of the much blood loss Doc shook his head in bolt from the blue with the saying that “It’s He; Almighty Who can turn the tables’ around”. They had no hope that Abhar will survive, was it his Mom’s unquestionable faith or anything else that the miracle happened.  Upon repossession of his wits Abhar could hardly move and blood transfusion from his mother was carried out. The sight at hospital was emotionally hard hitting for the young man who was witnessing blood infusing in his veins from his mother. His heart was having chock-a-block as designated by tears gushing through his eyes. Later the next morning Abhar was discharged from the treatment centre and they left towards home but the upshots of the event were raising apprehensions in everyone’s minds eye. Abhar’s Mom knew the impending time is going to be dealt with utmost care. She steered and guided her son towards light and drained all the negativity from his echoing soul.
Mother as they say is the best old school; she was an institute in herself as the odds of life had taught her almost every lesson and mastering her in hauling out a positive from every troubled episode. This event turned Abhar’s life upside down, as it was revealed to him that God is working for his life and there are several lives emotionally involved with his life. He became more hopeful and his faith rejuvenated. The incident had a magical outcome for him irrespective of people gossiped about his mistaken choice of Suicide, Abhar started his little production house of eatables. Although his earnings were fewer but the sense of gratifying triumphed in his life. Soon he could sense the falling of things on the right place, the business worked well and Abhar cracked several competitive exams. He secured a high place in the well established financial institute. But Abhar favored to be an Entrepreneur and his wits paid off. Soon he opened the chain of eatables stores in several cities which opened doors of success for Abhar. He was featured in magazines and nominated for awards. The year yielded him the Budding Entrepreneur of the year award. He picked to have link-ups with the Organizations to open counseling centers to revitalize the people with suicidal tendencies. This social responsibility of Abhar added more value towards his existence and strengthened his moral of existence.

“Once a curse but now a blessing Abhars suicide gave him a life worth living”

Author: Junaid Shaida

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