Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rising Road Accidents

                                   A cause of Concern

Who is responsible for the growing rate of unfortunate and ill- fated road accidents? License issuing authorities, financial institutions or are we ourselves responsible for that mess which is showing no signs of dying down?

Human life is worthless and nothing on this earth is capable to evaluate the value and importance of this beautiful gift, which is worth to be honored and privileged. There are ample reasons to be great-full to The Lord for this precious gift. Inspite of having immense and immeasurable significance, humans often tend to overlook its value and by their trivial nature, they end up performing such activities that not only harm them but also act as an element of devastation for the society. Road accidents that have become common these days are among such fateful and disastrous events that cause irreplaceable losses to human lives and have become a serious cause of concern for our societies. Although there has been a significant improvement in the quality of roads, but still then these accidents are showing no signs of dying down but instead are increasing by an alarming rate. As a result a consistent threat to human lives keeps on lingering as no one knows what is going to happen at the next moment. The real cause behind these untoward accidents needs to find out so, that an end can be put to these unwanted and undesirable incidents. 
According to the statistics of the crime branch Jammu and Kashmir, the road accidents have shown an increase of +35 from the year 2011 to 2012. The number of road accidents reported in the year 2011 were 6665 while that in the year 2012, the same number rose to 6700. That is a worrying trend which is increasing year after year despite the state government’s so called sincere efforts to curb this rising rate. The statistics for the road accidents presented in Legislative Assembly by the worthy Chief Minister on 1st March, 2013 for the last four years bring to front that as many as 25495 mishaps were reported from various parts of the state which led to the death of 4453 persons and injuries to around 36920 others. Tracing the real cause of accidents seems to be an impossible task for the authorities, but as far as a common man is concerned, he is often observed to blame financial institutions for these undesirable incidents. A common belief among the people is that ever since the financial institutions have started to offer car loans, the rise in the road accidents has taken place. This is due to the fact that the banks and other related organizations offer car loans at affordable rates and anyone can avail it, provided he satisfies the eligibility criteria. This has led to an increase in the number of vehicles plying on the roads with little or less monitoring as to who is driving them. A general observation reveals that even minors who have not attained the age of maturity, driving, and that too with speeds far above than the permitted limit. There is no one who can keep a tight vigil on them and could stop the immature acts of the youngsters. Not to speak of the stunts that these hot blooded teenagers perform, they have become a real threat to the pedestrians who often find it difficult to move properly. But putting the blame on the financial institutions is in no way justified. As per the demand of the time and the requirements, the financial institutions are acting as a medium to facilitate our comfort and ease, but if we ourselves use things improperly, they are surely going to give us a tough time. Same is the case with the rising road accidents. It is we people who should be held responsible and made accountable for the mistakes that result in such inauspicious incidents and thereby rendering a bad name to these institutions. In fact the whole duty lies on our shoulders who should first think over the decision of owing a car and then the way which could ensure our safety and well being. It is at our own discretion to use the vehicle the way we want it to be used. A sense of responsibility should be shown by the people by following the permissible and prohibited actions while driving and communicating the same to their dear ones also. This will solve the problem of road accidents to a greater limit. The license issuing authorities can also be an active partner in the growing rate of accidents. Anyone who has not passed the test but could still have a valid license, because of unknown reasons, would definitely end up with a mess that needs to be taken care of. There should be strict measures at place to avoid such mistakes and stern actions should be taken against ones who default and issue the same without proper examination of the aspiring individuals. Further there should be a mechanism which should help to trace out whether or not the license has been issued by the authorized authority. It could also help to get rid of fake licenses and in a way reduce and diminish the rising rate of road accidents. Though the road safety week is observed every year, but still then the road skirmishes are reported. That is a clear indication that proper implementation of what is being communicated is not done. The need of the hour is to make more and more people understand the safety measures and the proper and acceptable way of driving, thereby reducing chances of any untoward incident and proceeding towards a safer and better future. Messy roads, invisible speed breakers, unlawful encroachments, improper sign boards and absurd diversions, all lead to road accidents that should be taken into consideration for betterment.
High speed driving, tailgating, overtaking, poor lane discipline and inefficient use of indicators are some of the most common causes of accidents that need to be understood so as to avert any undesirable incident. Furthermore aggressive driving, driver fatigue, over loading, disregard for traffic regulations, and non-existent road markings and signs also count among the causes that are responsible for road accidents.


These all should be avoided for the purpose of better and safe driving. A common quote that is often seen “Better late than never” holds good in every case. People should adhere to the permitted guidelines and must follow traffic rules with heart and spirit. In addition to it, there is a need to make every one recognize and comprehend the essence of safe driving while disregarding negligence. Human life is worthy of care which one could provide it by being on the safer side while eliminating all the risks associated with rash driving. Further Distracting devices such as mobile phones should not be used while driving. 
Tail Piece: It is better to mend our attitude than relying on other sources for our betterment. After all we humans are ourselves responsible for our own courses of action. Better is to be aware of our responsibilities and make others follow the right path, the rest will take care of its own. As a matter of fact road accidents cause a great loss to the human lives, so, the only way to prevent the same is by following traffic rules completely and having a clear understanding of the safety measures that need to be taken in case of adversity. Parents need to ensure that their children adhere to what is being imparted to them in matters of driving and following safety policies. 

Er. Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi.
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