Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Value Relationships

In the race to earn worldly benefits, the relevance of human relationships, has got lost. It is right time for all of us, to put back together, what we have left, owing to our negligence.

Human beings, an exceptional creation of God, have developed a lot, ever since they came into existence. Carving their way through setbacks and achieving great feats have been their hallmark. They though, are blessed with the title of being the superior ones, but now there hardly seems any raison d'ĂȘtre with them by which the said virtue of theirs get justified. With the time their thirst for worldly benefits overtook their reason for superiority. Leaving all things aside, humans seem to have gone crazy to amass wealth for them without even realizing that money cannot buy happiness for them. In fact, the relationships that humans make stand by them both in times of happiness and sorrow. Unfortunately the present scenario stands witness to the materialistic and self centred humans who without caring for others, tend to satisfy their own wishes and interests. Relationships that form the basis of trust and affection seem to have been neglected. Irrespective of the fact that they are an integral part of human life and are as important as any other vital components are, still the modern era people disregard their relevance in their lives, which ultimately becomes the cause for their sufferings. Living in an intellectually blessed era where knowledge flows like fountains, one feels astonishing to see, how humans fail to acknowledge the significance of relationships and thus, confront misery, desolation and distress. Humans as a result of their self-interested and self-seeking nature have crafted boundaries among themselves which have made it difficult for them to live in synchronization with each other.
When we take a cursory look at the present situation, one often gets a strange feeling upon observing almost all sorts of relationships in distress. Not only parents who are discomforted and discontented with their children’s’ alien behaviour, but, also the irresponsible and immature deeds and actions of people towards others, that often result in trouble times for them, all render a bad impression on the present day relationships. Not to speak of self made relationships, even natural relationships are finding it difficult to survive. As a result people have become displeased, dissatisfied, and are in a dismal state of affairs, as they do not know any way which could help them to come out of this dreary situation. May be it is because of the differences in the opinions among people which puts a ceiling on their communication with others or possibly their stress levels which they are unable to handle, keeping in view today’s fast moving life. The truth is that modern society is going through such a phase where it has become difficult for people to manage and value their relationships, which eventually is going to have hazardous and dreadful effects on them. As a matter of fact, humans are social animals who cannot live in isolation, but the present scenario paves way for a future that seems to favour none. Disregarding the importance of relationships often result in tearing them apart with sufferings and affliction all over. It becomes an important question to answer, as to how our society would progress and be on the right track, when the humans who are the heart and soul of it, themselves experience loneliness and seclusion for their inability to respect and value relationships. It seems that the present day education too, is unable to bring a radical transformation in people, who irrespective of being educated behave like ignorant and try to run away from their duties towards relationships. If this gloomy situation keeps on lingering like this, then the day would not be so far when all of us will have to lament for our own carelessness. Valuing relationships holds such an essence that no matter how adverse the circumstances may be, they demand love and affection to bloom. Human life would never be absolute and complete until relationships are given due regards.  
With the time misunderstandings might take place, but the traits like being trustworthy, loyal, and faithful help to erase all the misconceptions thereby making one to withstand all the obstacles and in turn make relationships more beautiful. Holding relationships in high esteem and reverence, serve as a natural ingredient for them to flourish. Appreciating relationships is a vital constituent for all to progress towards the goal of enjoyable, pleasurable and satisfying life. The key to a promising relationship lies in exchanging ideas effectively. Communicating in a better way and respecting others is likely to give birth to a healthier relationship. It has been said that if you do not respect a person, you would not notice his good qualities. Respect is one of the most important values in a healthy relationship, which only increases when you give it to others. So, respecting serves dual purpose. One it increases the bond of relationship and the other it explores the merits of the other person. Understanding is the second most important value that affects relationships. Understanding and letting go any mistake after being confessed, is the tactic for having a peaceful mind. Everyone has many duties in life, which they have to shoulder. Duties towards one’s parents, siblings, and other relatives and friends that need to be carried out at any cost and the only way to shoulder these responsibilities is to be disciplined in your effort. Putting all things together, it takes a little bit of dedication and perseverance to keep relationships blooming like flowers. Relationships bring people close to one another and are thus, worthy of being admired, appreciated and acknowledged.

Tail piece: - Let us understand the essence of relationships and work towards establishing delightful, truthful, enjoyable and pleasing relationships. After all the key to happiness lies in respecting and valuing relationships. Let us mend our attitude and avoid disrespecting and disregarding relationships.

Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

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