Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Core of Research

“The spirit is willing, flesh is well-built then end will certainly be pulled off.''

Research, a creation of facts and launch of the unexplored, finds its feat in probing and journeying the preceding. The more you probe, the more you explore the veiled verity is the theme that holds the procedure of the research. Research embarks on with inquisitiveness of a being. The manifestation of an individual’s love for identifying with things is the key towards the feat. The research in never restrained to the men in laboratory or to an institution where one studies the aspects of what is being researched. The distinctiveness of the research is pertinent at every heights of the nature of an inquiry.      
It is not basic to have a Research degree to be a competent researcher but our conduct of probing the daily actions and tricks which one loves to do. It all starts with curio and interest.  Research, the progression of exploring the hidden facts, concretion of the known ones or establishment up of new ones is a diverse and incessant. The regards of the research is high and the researchers are known as identifying principles of a territory. This extensive probe and adore of understanding things deeper adds the spirit in what is been researched. The indepth look into, attribute of the research in the variables and unknown of being what is to be researched makes it more intriguing. When individuals probe into what they love to hear and cram their snooping of the deeper understanding of the same develops the attire of the pollster in them. This attire makes things to unveil and engender the concealed mystery. Rather sticking to the facet which people find out of sight and out of heart. When people prod in which they feel affection for, innovations, discovery and breakthroughs follow. The planet has seen a choice of researchers, who still live even after thousands of years of their decease, as their research still captivate the mankind may it be Edison, Einstein or visionary Steve jobs. They by their element of the love towards what they probed conferred the innovations and discovery for the service of mankind. Their esteem towards their theme of study is the universal attribute among them. Research has to fit in the hands of those who adore it, not for the sake of a headgear for social regard. The exploration part and understand by going deep in the quest of things is the heart and soul of the research. The deeper the researcher goes the more he explores and finds the unknown. So explore and explore is the major theme of the research. Unless and until the attribute of loving what one does, does not preside in a Researcher, neither will the end be gratified nor will be the researcher satisfied.      
The second major theme that revolves in the research is the bias factor. The unbiased researcher is a person fit for the research, who will confer the facts as they are and lead the better. Otherwise the biasness will wipe out the essence of the research. In the positivist paradigm, the researcher sees himself or herself as a neutral recorder. Being a neutral recorder is central moral fibre of a researcher, it will aid in formulation and establishment of the facts and findings as they are. The case can be otherwise if biasness prevails in a researcher, which can deprive the social order from the originality of the things. An individual with an immense adore towards what he studies can’t have a bias factor prevailing in him. So loving what one does again confiscates the bias and helps in the revelling of the facts and findings as they are.  People with the attire of unbiasness and adore towards study bring about the real facts. They employ and apply the prevailing information in the right route, to get a deeper understanding of the things under study.
Researcher shouldn’t be oriented to have smudge of high rank in the public, rather should be oriented in revealing and presenting the society with the facts and findings as they are. The manipulation shouldn’t occur in the context of the research as it would lead to cataclysmic results in the arena. This is a social exertion that needs pure candour and removal of the bias. A Researcher can created wonders by being bias free. Undertaking theme what one adores and finds interest is the key which can do wonders for both individuals and for the social order. Loving what one does is absolute bliss for a being which paves the way for triumph. It produces the innovations to the common masses, which shapes up the civilizations. 

Author : Junaid Shaida

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