Sunday, 9 June 2013

Kashmiris Return Back From The Door Of The Zeashta Devi Temple At Zeathyaar Srinagar

6/9/2013: It has been reported to us by many of our volunteer bloggers and reporters from Kashmir that the people belonging to Valley Kashmir are not allowed to visit The Zeashta Devi  temple at Zeathyaar srinagar. The personnel posted at police picket which is located before the temple do not allow the kashmiri to visit the shrine and declaring in explicit way "If you are kashmiri you can't visit the shrine". This leaves number of question for security system. If Tourists who come from outside the valley can pay tributes and take pleasure of Kashmir's sacred spots why not a kashmiri who is a resident of Kashmir cannot visit zeathyaar. Nearly 120-130 local visitor's families returned back from the door of Zeashta Devi temple at Zeathyaar as the Sikh personnel posted at Police picket before temple clearly declared to Kashmiri vistors that they will not be allowed to visit the temple and did not told them any strong reason for restriction which he himself imposed.
Concerned Authorities are requested to review the system of security of Zeathyaar Temple.

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