Friday, 28 June 2013

Doordarshan Srinagar Not caring

28 June 2013 : May be not artists but no doubt children are like at the gun point of Doordarshan Srinagar.They are being befooled by the active workers of the station. Programmes of children that are being recorded and shooted in the children shows which are later aired from the Doordarshan Srinagar may seem interesting for the television viewers but it holds image of the calamities of those children who work and perform there and are not given the remuneration. It holds the clear picture of those children who come from the backward villages and spend atleast fifty ruppees fot their transporatation charge to perform in the children shows, unfortunately to whom no remuneration is being paid.
Along with this Doordarshan Srinagar is not providing any platform for the new generation artists, whether they are singers or freelance artists/actors. Anyone who wants to meet the programme incharge is asked about pass, but a logical question arises one who is newer to station and has not met any executive producer yet, how he/she can enter the station to show his/her talent. Because only one who has contact with station executives and who come to station in a routine only find there names in the list that the man at security check loudly calls. When our reporter went their to check the reallity he told the man at security check that he wants to perform in a religious show. Man replied : "ya sure". But our reporter found it astonishing when the man started searching his name in the enrty pass list. Reporter replied back : "Hey Mr. There will not be my name mentioned as I am the new one and it is my first visit here" The man at security check answered to our reporter: "oh dont waste my time then, just contact  the producer of that programme from anywhere, when he will forward the list of passess to here then only you can make an entry". Reporter replied : "I dont know him". Man at security check : "Sorry, just go to home and find his contact ID". Isn't this completely discouraging for the new artists. The result comes that most of the talented persons return back from the first security check of the Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar. This makes them constrained, and they later contact the private producers despite we  have our Doordarshan which has remained home for only few artists.

This is a spy report and does not contain bias. It has been posted here with the help of multiple volunteer bloggers of Inside Kashmir. We cannot accept deletion request for this post as it is fully upholded by The right to freedom of speech and expression. The fundamental Right in Independent India.

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