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“When Nothing Goes Right In Life Fix The Jinx”

Life, unexpected expectation, a beautiful gift from the Almighty is full of ups and a downs, sometimes streamlined sometimes loses gloss. A twin faced experience, summed by thousand reasons for being bloomy accompanied by the sadness of being faded away. Life evolves through the tunes of down in the dumps and euphoric but the numbers seem only melodic to those who master the art of foot-tapping on them. Life revolves rounds the thrills of joy and sometimes engulfed with agony and soreness. The two faces of the coin keep on flipping over the life span.
Sometimes we have a bad time or a day that goes worse and leads to worst. It does nowhere reveal that life has come to halt. Life can never be smooth only at times we are highly guzzled by the bad times. We start a day by spilling coffee on a favourite t-shirt while leaving for work, have a flat tire while trying to reach on time, have a system crash while preparing an important document and the list goes on and on. These are mere examples of a small wrongs occurring in day to day life, we encounter higher degrees soreness and misfortunes somewhere during walking down the lane of life. There are times when life seems to engulfed by the war clouds and people seem to be in distress, it’s this juncture that shafts a make or break results for a being. When misfortunes strike and people see obscurity all around, the virtue of recollecting oneself and moving with the flow is the doable and best thing to do. The monochromatic life fades away possibly at the earliest and The Almighty, Who multihued our lives with desirable amount of rain and sunshine knows the best how to shape his creation. The various shades of life are equally fundamental in shaping and upbringing of a person and so is the attire of a person. Life can neither be always smooth nor jagged but the blend of both has always prevailed. The reaction to the hampers of smooth life has a key in driving forward. It doesn’t matter how many waves of distress occur but the reaction and lesson from previous one to avoid the next holds the key. There are times when nothing seems to be going exactly our way and we are blocked by the darkness of hard luck, hardships, sufferings and destitution. Then our response to the situation has a key for our advancement. We feel frustrated, dejected by the misfortunes and breathe in all the negativity which seems to be halting our advancement. But it’s the moment when we should recollect ourselves and introspect the aspects of being dented and countering by the same. The state of affairs whatever revealed on us has to have affirmative outcome on us and the art of identifying the same makes people to walk rather than stop their forward stride of the life. As they say when nothing goes right take a left turn that doesn’t reflect to run away from ill-lucks and hardships, it reveals that we need to reminisce ourselves, introspect the state of being and bear in mind that this was to create a positive outcome for the future. 
It happens sometimes we are dented and shaken by bad times in our lives in several ways and everything we hold turn to ash. Then Life seems to be at the end and hopelessness engulfs but the one who retaliates reaps the benefits in the long run. The trail of misery seemed to going on forever but right when we think that it will never come to end God entangles the virtue of retaliation in us to overcome the miseries. But then the key pertains to those who recollect themselves at that state of distress and add a little space in their lives are able to counter the aftermaths.
These jinxes are just to mould us so that we are suited best for the future events of our life. These phases and transitions in the life-span are for rearing of humans. We need to get away from the debacle which has a breaking effect on our soul, lift ourselves up to fly. It doesn’t matter how many times you were crushed to the ground but the key is how many times you get up and give it a try. Picking yourself up off the ground and to walk forward in the life should be the trend otherwise walking away will surely lead you to fall off from a cliff. Troubles will never trouble you until you let them to trouble. The key in standing shoulder to shoulder is in recollecting yourself, rejuvenating your faith that you are strong enough to counter the miseries. Giving up in an easy option but standing against the tides and channelising your path are gratifying. Because when you look back and recollect all the memories you will never want yourselves to be in the shoes of those who gave up when they could had take hold of and stayed ahead of the pack. Troubles don’t stay forever and neither does happiness, so what is the fun of losing precious moments of life by getting stricken back and lamenting on the misfortunes rather we should focus on the affirmative aspect and move on with the flow.

Writer is Research Scholar at Lovely professional university Punjab
Junaid Shaida

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