Monday, 27 May 2013

May 29- Unforgettable

The memorable night of may 29 made a mournful history in Kashmir leaving the two ingenuous daughters of so called paradise dead. This refers to a night when the honor of the daughters of kashmir was trampled without any fear of God. On the night of 29th May the two girls were abducted under enigmatic circumstance who were later viciously raped by unknown. After this night every Kashmiri girl found herself unsafe while Shakeel Ahmad(brother and husband of the victims) was trying to find out the culprit with help of Police. He was unawre with the calamity that has stormed him has hallmarks of grisly politics. On May 29 2009 two young women Neelofar Jan 22, Aasiya Jan 17, were found dead in the pristine water of Rambi river. Neelofer was two monthes pregnant at that time. Her body was kept in water and she bored scratches. Aasiya's body was in the stream near Arhama Shrine, some distance from the body of Neelofar. She had a deep wound on forehead and she was in nude state, later  she was covered with a shirt by his brother. An atrocity which cannot be defined with white ink. The bodies of both the victims were then rushed to hospital were Autopsy was conducted. The un-dessected parts were dessected there and some alleged that doctors declared whatever was dictated to them. The Government did not seemed in interest with this case and even Omar Abdullah claimed that  the prima facie evidence confirms neither rape nor the murder of the duo, however the family members and relatives of the duo described it as baseless, they claimed that dead bodies bored scratches which Police SHO Shafiq Ahmad also confirmed. Besides the family also claimed that the trousers of other were open. Along with the testimony of the lady doctor also confirmed that the victims were "gang raped" and then murdered. On May 31 2009 probe was ordered due to violent protests that begun in valley. On 21 June, The inquiry commission led by Justice (retired) Muzaffar Jan, submitted a 300 pages Interim Report to Chief Minister Of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah confirming rape and murder of the two victims. The report further stated negligence of civil administration, police and doctors in mishandling the case leading to destruction of vital evidences related to the case. The probe and protests were on it's peak in 2009 but government failed to catch the culprit. Whoever was the criminal, he was not caught and no doubt he is still living among us. He is still wondering for fresh prey. This is a shame for those who shielded the criminals and destroyed the evidences that would be helpful for oppressed family of victims. The Indian and its citizens who raise slogans about 'nari' did not bothered to agitate on this occasion. Four years have gone and Neelofar and Aasiya's bodies might be still aching as we were unable to catch those brutes. But we should remember those murderers cannot get rid from their heavy sins by circumambulating the Ka'aba or by taking a dip in river of Ganga. Four years have gone but we cannot forget how the flesh of our  sisters was torn when helplessness was only their companion and beasts did not showed anymercy. . This remembers me some verses,
    "madad chahti hai ye Hawa ki beti, Yashoda ki hamjins Radha ki beti,
     Payambar ki ummat Zulaikha ki beti, jinhey naaz Hai hind par wo kaha ha"
   "yaha ek khilona ha insaan ki hasti, ye basti ha murda parastu ki basti
    yaha par to jeevan se ha mout sasti, ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai"

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Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

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