Friday, 10 May 2013

Disappointments Everywhere

Assured of moons and stars, but delivered disappointment

It has been said that when the tough gets going, the going gets tough. A cursory look at the existing scenario reveals the same story for the people of Kashmir. People being over obsessed with the short comings of the govt. towards meeting their demands find no place where they could effectively get their grievances redressed. The situation has become so gruesome that it seems that there is no one who in actual sense cares for people: their well being, their sustenance, and their aspirations find no place anywhere. Neither the govt is able to find solutions, to the mess it has created on its own nor the people are finding ways to come out of this dismal state they are in, by virtue of inefficiencies and incapability the state govt has drove them into. Inefficiency, as there has been no not a single policy that once devised and implemented met with the expected outcome. The state govt. although promised a lot but when time demanded to deliver the same, it seemed to be helpless. Helpless in its approach, to check whether the aspirations of the people are being honoured, and what timely measures need to be taken to ensure a peaceful, progressive and wonderful future ahead. Although it stands first in its claim to honour the responsibility of providing a safe, secure and promising environment to its people, but what is seen on the ground hardly goes with its promises.
At times when the whole world is joining hands to fight against adulteration and the masses are being educated about the hazardous consequences that may result, the revelation of spurious drugs in the valley has taken all by surprise. Imagine an individual who is spending his hard earned money on these life saving drugs and in return what he gets, holds good for nothing for him. What relief he could have from these type of drugs when the essential constituent that is required for effective healing purpose itself is missing? What more unfortunate and inopportune could be for the patient consuming these drugs, when he comes to know that they are spurious and would be of no help to him regardless of spending his hard earned money on them. Imagine the heart wrecking pain that he could be in, when the only way he could have got himself relieved of the pain too proves to be ineffective for lack of quality and appraisal that were not adhered to at the time of manufacturing these drugs. Who is to be blamed for this? Our own state government that has failed to ensure the quality of the drugs being distributed in the state hospitals or the ones who in actual have manufactured these drugs. It not only highlights the complete lack of accountability among those who are responsible for ensuring quality control but also shows the callous and unsympathetic approach that our govt has for its people. Astonishingly these spurious drugs were supplied to the valley based hospitals for more than one year and over one lakh tablets have already been consumed so far. God only knows what the patients would have gone through and what fate they have met with. The health sector that has been the main priority of the govt for years is looking to be in shambles and this incident has raised concern of all as to whether the claim of the govt to make the state health sector an efficient one is really being looking with such intent or is it just a mere eye wash. Moreover it has put a question mark on the authenticity of the drugs available in the market which too seem to be of that nature. These type of incidents are mainly responsible for tearing down the image of the system among people. An important question that needs an immediate answer of authorities is: how and who is going to compensate for the losses that the patients had to suffer because of these spurious drugs? Had the state govt ensured to carry out the effective quality control procedures, the situation would have been different. 
Not only this but another major problem that the people of state are confronted with, is that of acute power supply shortage that has become troublesome for the people. The frequent curtailment of power supply has added to the woes of people. It has made their lives quite agonizing and is giving them sleepless nights. It is a wonder that a state which is rich in water resources and NHPC projects itself relies on other states for its power supply. Although the state has a generation capacity of 20,000- 25,000 MW by harnessing its own water resources but still it reels in darkness as it is short of 780 MW of electricity. The energy deficiency is hovering around 30% continuously since 2005-06 that indicates the unimpressive attitude to bridge the gap between the energy supply and demand requirements. Last year the power purchase bill was around Rs 3975 crore but this year the amount of Rs 3600 crore has been fixed for the same. This means a shortage of around Rs 400 crore budgetary provision than last year which is quite against the rising demand of the energy and is no way sufficient to tackle the demand. It could not deliver enough energy to meet the requirements and is thus disappointing by its nature.
Looking at this scenario in the valley and the people living therein, there is an immediate need for the govt to swing into action. First and foremost the govt needs to ensure the well being of its people and for that purpose it needs to setup an efficient monitoring as well as quality control department that will work hand in hand with health sector so as to check for spurious drugs as and when reported. Further transparency of operations is essential so that there is no trust deficit among people regarding govt in its approach to curb the rising incidences of unlawful activities. Also there is an immense need to punish the culprits who are behind this inhuman practice. The govt also needs to fulfil its promise to provide people respite from the acute power supply shortage they are suffering from. For this goal more funds should be allocated for procurement purpose and the funds should be released and utilized in a judicious manner. Further the defaulters list should be publicised so that each one would come to know about the real picture. Further the need to make people aware about the inevitability of this resource is mandatory so, that they too use this precious energy in a thoughtful and sensible manner. It is a matter of caution for the state govt as the time is ripe and if they need the support of the people, then they have to get them out of this dismal state and make way for their better future. 

Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

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