Monday, 13 May 2013

“Address Alienation”

The roots of alienation run deep. Different causes with different consequences need to be addressed to refurbish the system for the welfare of people.

The last two decades have been full of distress and grief for the people of Kashmir. They seemingly had to face rejection and denunciation from every corner they knocked, to get their grievances redressed. These two decades have rendered a very bad impression on the people of Kashmir, for what they had to go through. On one hand portraying the faulty and shoddy reflection of the respective serving governments and on the other hand the hatred and detestation that developed in the hearts of people for being left at the mercy of God drives one to think about the plight of the people they were and are still subjected to. There seems to be no end to their agony, trouble and sufferings which should have been diminished but on the contrary it is increasing by double folds. Almost everyone in the state got affected by the spate of violence. Some lost their dear ones while others got traumatised for standing witnesses to the inhuman practices that were carried out openly. As they say that “hope sustains life” but with the present conditions in the valley, that maxim too seems to be irrelevant, for the people have seen no signs of improvement for past twenty years. Over obsessed by the atrocious nature of the govt and its incapability to resolve their grievances, the present situation has given rise to a wedge in the hearts of the people which continues to become more severe and grim with each passing day. It is very difficult for any nation to prosper unless its people are satisfied with what is being offered to them and without caring for their wellbeing. The nations need to address their shortcomings as early as possible to develop an environment where all proceed to prosperity and a better future ahead to stay among in the race for development.    
Glancing at the present scenario in the valley, there seems to be a complete mismatch in the aspirations of the people and the duties that the govt is supposed to render. The rising human rights violation cases and unavailability of efficient policies to meet the desired outcome are all being attributed to the malfunctioning of the govt. The govt is unable to concentrate on devising productive policies which could lessen the gap between the people and the system. On the contrary what we see is the careless and helpless attitude of the govt towards people These unfavourable and inauspicious deficiencies not only result in encouraging alienation among the people for lack of effectiveness but are also robbing govt from wining the hearts of the people. On one side being severely hit by the spate of violence and on the other side a list of predicaments among which a more serious problem called unemployment has made their life thorny and challenging. The number of unemployed youth has crossed the mark of 6.2 lakh which is highly worrisome. The govt is unable to provide enough opportunities to the people for their betterment and people on the other hand are unable to find ways of their own to come out of this dismal state they have been driven into by the govt. Neither are they offered any means by which the destruction that occurred during the last two decades could be mitigated, nor are they provided with any such means which could enhance their living standard and make way for their better future.          
What more does an individual need if he is being provided with an atmosphere where he could progress and live peacefully, perceive that he is being taken care of against all evil things that could harm him, and that he too holds the same status as everyone before law holds (equal Justice). It is the right time for the govt to bring a change in its attitude and start the process of putting things right that goes with the needs and requirements of the people. The state govt needs to ensure that the ample opportunities are being provided to the people so that they could take advantage of them and march towards a successful future that holds promising outcome for them in particular and for the state in general. The last two decades have wrecked havoc in the minds of people, for which it becomes necessary for the serving government to encourage and frame such policies that would mitigate the sufferings of the people and provide them with a ray of hope for their better sustenance and prosperous living.  Besides the lack of trust towards the govt, unemployment is also a main problem that the people of the state are confronted with. The govt with its approach needs to devise efficient strategies and implement such a course of action that would not only serve the problem to tackle with the rising trust deficit but would also alleviate and relieve the unemployment problem in the state which otherwise could have dastardly effects. Further the need to bring in the proper accountability for all would ensure that all are treated with same respect and none is favoured over other.
Tail Piece: - Nations either rise or fall but it all depends on the system which has both the capabilities: To encourage or discourage revolution.      

Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi