Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Reservation system !

Aren’t meritorious students victims of this practise?

The right to education is universal for all. Education helps one to explore the meaning of life. It is the means through which one comes out of darkness to light. Education aims at bringing an overall improvement in one’s life and thus serves as an important tool in eradicating the evils present within. The right to education was made by the Govt. with a view to make more and more children educated so that they can effectively contribute to the development of the society and thus to the development of the nation. There is nothing wrong with that, but the govt. forgot to make a law by which it could address the plight of the students who fail to get themselves selected even after securing good marks to the ones who benefit themselves from being among the ones who belong to the reserved quota. Why isn’t there any law by which it could check whether the candidate who is applying for the same is truly worthy of it? Why is it such that they are getting themselves enrolled in prestigious colleges even with low marks, while the ones who have worked hard throughout the year are discarded of the admissions?
What is the fun of working hard when you are going to lose it someone who even does not deserve to be applying for the said quota? When we take a cursory look at this matter, what we find is that, the students whose great grandfathers once used to reside in so called backward areas claim for the relaxation by the help of the backward certificates that have been issued to them. There is no such mechanism, by which it could be verified that the details furnished in the applicant’s form, stand to be the same till date, which could justify his reason for seeking relaxation. Even some families have migrated to urban areas and there is a change in every aspect of their living style, but no change in the backward certificate that they used to have. When we talk of the other categories that the students claim for, it is generally seen that they are well off than before and their option to seek for the reserved quota is totally baseless. The reservation system has a psychological impact on the students. It demotivates the hard working students because of its nature; it always benefits the students who merely deserve to apply for the same. No one could feel the pain of the student who has been rejected for entertaining another one who hasn’t even got one third of his marks. The menace of the reservation system is not only limited to admissions only, but has its implications in the employment as well. The reserved category candidates usually have the edge over all others even if they don’t know anything and that to the thankfulness of our law making bodies. It has proved to be a serious threat to the career of the deserving students. It seems that the law of Darwin favours these reserved category students who outcast the meritorious ones. It is a question mark on the type of selection pattern that is being followed, with majority of the students being against it. What will be the future of nation where meritorious students are left out just for the sake of ones who either belong to backward areas or to some other category? There is nothing wrong to admit that some reserved category students might be facing difficulties in continuing studies and there should be some sort of relaxation for them, but isn’t it the right, to acknowledge the deserving ones with what they are worth of? Think of competition that a student from a general category has to face and even when he fares well, he still has a hurdle to cross, and that is to beat a student who is applying under reservation quota. The education is meant to increase one’s efficiency but if the same framework continued to exist then the day won’t be so far when we may see a change in the definition of education. Why this disparity when all seek to learn?       
It is high time when the govt should address this serious issue. It is not like that the state        should not honour its obligation of providing enough avenues to the backward and reserved category students but the need of the hour is to ensure that none takes an undue advantage of the same. To save the career as well as to develop a desire to study among the students there is an immediate need of reviewing the guidelines which pertain to the reservation system. Further an efficient policy needs to be formulated, which suits the interests of both the general category as well as the reserved category students. Increase in the intake capacity of the colleges and universities could be a small but a useful step in the reforms. Further it should be made compulsory to check whether the credentials that have been filled stand true to the one that is claiming for the said quota.  How can a nation progress when the ones who actually hold the key to success are discarded and not given an opportunity to contribute?
Now a million dollar question is how to put an end to the unjustified advantage that one takes by virtue of it? 

Author : Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi.
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