Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I too had a wish

A wish, to see my valley blooming like flowers
A wish, to see my brethren living in peace and harmony
A wish, to see a society free from all evils and tribulations
A wish, to see my countrymen free from all sorrows and distress
A wish, where boundaries do not exist
A wish, where all are guided to righteous
A wish, where care for others is valued more
A wish, where respect for others values more to all
A wish, where none is deceived for the worldly benefits
A wish, where hearts relish the melodious songs of birds
A wish, where all rejoice and express delightful existence
A wish, where views and opinions of people are not caged
A wish, where peace and prosperity guides way to achievement
A wish, where hope, trust and dedication steer people to success
A wish, where one and all contribute to the harmony of the society
A wish, where humanity is appreciated over all other worldly affairs
A wish, where the society is governed by proper values and principles
A wish, where simple living and high thinking makes people admirable
A wish, where lawlessness and high-handedness are not even thought of
A wish, where the soul gets mesmerised by the melodious tones of nature
A wish, where the beauty of soul and the purity of heart removes all grudges
A wish, where people acknowledge and embrace others without any differences

This earth would be a beautiful place to live on, if one and all work for the upliftment of the society. Without any differences, if people start to live in harmony with each other, then such an ambience will be created, that would not only benefit the ones who have contributed towards it but will also make others who are yet to be a part of such system to accept it and play their active role in this process. The result will be a society that is blessed with all the beauties of the universe.  

Author: Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi