Thursday, 11 April 2013

Determination: A key to Succeed

You may not be like others, but remember you have something special within.

God has beautifully crafted this universe. Decorated with splendid colours and picturesque scenery, it holds the capability to take any one by surprise. Humans, who are His superior creation and an integral part of this universe, too are the jewels who add to the attractiveness and magnificence of this universe. They hold the status of being unique and dissimilar amongst themselves. They though, may be similar in their appearance but there are certain distinct capabilities that only some enjoy, while others lack them. The matter of fact that they lack the much needed power of determination to perform specific tasks restricts them from that competence. The main barrier between the person and his success is that of his determination. Those who have it leave no stone unturned to change their dreams into reality, come what state they may be in. To stand with dignity, grandeur, nobility, pride and gratification it requires accepting life as it is, without complaining for the shortcomings suffering from and striving continuously to overcome those deficiencies.  Life is the second name of struggle and those who make it to the end reap beautiful and handsome results. It not only requires courage to face the complexities ahead but also the hope that sustains life, is important for any person who is determined to accomplish his mission and win the race of life. As they say that where there is will, there is a way, so, what is required is to have the desire to accomplish.
Life, as they say is a combination of joy and sorrow and an individual who stands abreast with it and acknowledges it boldly and valiantly, truly deserves to be among the ones, who really appreciate and understand the real meaning of life. Persons, who hold their heads up, to face any complicacy or obscurity with smiling faces, even though they may be deprived of some indispensable component, act as a milestone for others to follow and inspire them to face the challenges of life audaciously. They are a true example of what a determined person should look like. Fortunately a few days ago I came across such a type of person, who inspite of being blind is a vegetable vendor. For a moment I was out of my senses when I came to know about this but after a while recollecting myself, I, was so inspired by his firm determination towards his work that I was unable to resist myself from asking him of the reason for his purpose. He hesitated to answer first, but later when I insisted, he uttered in a sluggish way that even though he was blind, but his hands can move, his ears hear and his tongue can talk. So, why can’t he work like others and enjoy the rest of the senses? I got my answer!!!  Even though he articulated only few words but what I found in him was a man of dignity, strong will power, determined enough to prove his existence and above all his perseverance that made him to with stand all the impediment and helped him to cross all the hurdles of his life, gallantly. His smirk made me his admirer and his speech a follower of his principles. What else he can be in need of, when he himself possesses the great gift of determination and hope which can keep him going even in adverse situation. A person of such attitude and belief has a hegemonic personality which can influence all and even mould other’s personality too, to a perfect way to live. He truly deserves all praises for his fortitude and is the perfect benchmark for all, to uplift their life- force and dedication.
Humans though may not possess same capabilities but the only thing that keeps their spirit alive and raises their morale, is their will power, without which achieving big feats is quite impossible. It does not matter who you are, but what counts is your perspective and approach to your problems and the way you dedicate yourself towards any task. A cursory look at the present scenario reveals that most of the people who fail to get the desired results lack the much needed power of determination which keeps them at par from succeeding and results in their misery. It seems that they do not bother to bring about a much needed change in themselves and thus, continue to suffer at their own hands. Had they imbibed a positive outlook towards life in themselves, they would have definitely harnessed the gains. Pessimism, distress and cynicism is not the solution to any problem but it is optimism, self-belief, conviction, confidence, determination and sanguinity which proposes a way to promote ideas and exploit resources judiciously to take the maximum possible advantage. It is the need of the hour to come out of dismal state humans are in and be deterministic in their approach.  The main thing that differentiates a winner from a looser is his ability to hang on, even in undesirable, unpleasant, or adversative state. So, it hardly matters how high the goal is, if you have the confidence, valour and determination you can keep going in any situation and achieve the desired results as easy as it can be. Determined wholeheartedly changes one’s attitude and attitude changes your course of action. It is better to be deterministic than to remorse later. Success is a fruit which grows on the trees of determination. 
Tail piece: - Believe in yourself, and see the wonders happening.

Writer : Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi