Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bring laws for Student’s security.

Lack of higher educational institutions as well as absence of security policies are a question mark on our system!

Education opens the doors of wisdom and emasculates ignorance. In true sense, a nation progresses when all of its citizens are educated enough to turn their dreams into reality. Highly qualified faculty, better quality education and adequate resources in addition to proper infrastructure are the basic necessities that make a good quality educational environment. When we glance at the present scenario in the valley, one gets a really strange feeling about the underdeveloped educational sector. Owing to the tough competition and poor infrastructure in this sector, the students of the valley have meagre chances to get themselves admitted for various courses being offered by a relatively low number of higher educational institutions due to the limited number of seats available. Failing to make it to the list of successful candidates haunt the students and make them to search for the other alternatives that could be effective in their path of gaining knowledge. They are thus, left with no other option than to move outside and acquire the necessary skills to move forward in their area of expertise. Searching for the institutions where they can receive education is not the only challenge that the students are confronted with, but a more serious problem that has come to light is the harassment that these students have to face while studying outside the state for being from Kashmir. Being harassed by other students and local goons has made it difficult for them to obtain the education in a decent manner.
The unfortunate news of some Kashmiri students being harassed time and again is a clear example of the malice of hate culture against Kashmiri students that is getting even worse than before. Instances of violence against them have been on the rise. It is not for the first time that these incidents are being reported, but time and again the students continue to suffer .On one hand the pain of failing to secure their seats in the examination and on the other hand facing the wrath of other students for no fault of their has made their life miserable. If seeking education is the right of all, then why are the Kashmiri students discriminated while enjoying this right? It has raised concern of all and is now viewed as a new challenge that the govt needs to address in order to safeguard them from becoming victims of any untoward incident. It is a pity that the students instead of being encouraged are pushed backwards on various pretexts. They are often looked at with suspicion thus, making them to feel alienated from others. Education that plays an important role in the development of any nation is yet to overcome these hurdles to contribute effectively towards the developmental works. If the same problem continued to persist, it can have long lasting impressions on the students. While creating an environment where one feels of being deprived from exercising the basic rights can create a fear psychosis among the students which would inhibit their productivity. The increasing number of students migrating outside for further studies is a clear indication that the state govt is unable to tap the opportunities so as to provide them with resources that could meet the need of the hour. It is as if the remaining students (who are unable to make it to the final selection lists) are left at the mercy of God with no sense of justice shown towards them in their development and ensuring their well being from any untoward incident. The state govt. has forgotten its responsibility to honour the obligation of providing a safe and secure environment to its students so that they can achieve their intended goals.     
Lack of higher educational institutions has become a serious problem for the students as they are unable to get themselves enrolled for higher studies. The state govt could fix the problem by establishing more universities while at the same time ensuring that there is an adequate intake capacity so that the students find it easy to get themselves admitted. Further this would help to solve the problem of unemployment by providing an opportunity to qualified people to render their services towards the development of the educational sector. The state govt needs to seek the help of other states in ensuring proper care and security of the students receiving education in outside colleges and universities. This matter cannot be taken for granted and needs an immediate attention of the authorities. As strict laws have been passed to curb the menace of ragging, so does the present situation demands the same for the removal of this condemnable act. It is necessary that the students learn the spirit of brotherhood and work with each other in perusing their goals so as to achieve the objective of progressing with time.

Author: Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi.
Ghaziabad Anchidora Anantnag