Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Lost Paradise !




                                    What is more important: People or beauty?

God created this whole universe wherein He produced places like that of our Kashmir which not only depict His supreme and magnificent creation, but also act as a symbol of His absolute divinity. Kashmir, the paradise on earth, needs not to be introduced to anyone. The mesmerising scenery, the snow clad mountains and the refreshing cool air, all are the praises to this heavenly part on earth. God being so kind to bless this valley with places, which please the soul and give peace to the hearts, has showered all His blessings upon the inhabitants of this valley. But humans on the other hand, by being more profit seekers and self favoured have ruined it all. May be it because of our own faults or the ones who govern and rule this piece of land, the valley has turned into a nightmare for all. The fact that a lot depends on the government and its ability to manage and regulate the affairs in addition to redress the grievances of the people cannot be ignored and is of much importance than the attempt made by an ordinary individual towards the path of peace, prosperity and development. As already seen, a lot of new developmental projects have been undertaken for what Kashmir is usually known for: Tourism sector, to enhance its value and thus, the beauty of Kashmir, but what about the people who still hope to see the dawn of new beginning. A beginning that would bring happiness on their faces and be a reason for them to rejoice. The beginning of feeling that they are been taken care of and are in safe hands. Looking at the present scenario one could easily perceive that the ruling body has failed miserably in this path and are yet to win the favour of people whose possibilities seem to be bleak and are minimizing with each passing day. The continuous spate of curfews, human rights violations and unhealthy attitude of governing bodies towards its people have eroded their faith in them and have left them shattered with no hope for improvement whatsoever. They have thus, left a bad impression in the minds of people who now consider themselves to be more unfortunate for being Kashmiris. The agony and pain of people has been suppressed by different ferocious methods. Moreover the tag of being from disputed territory marks a black spot on its people who are subjected to inhuman treatment quite often. Thus, being from Kashmir goes contrary to what is expected of.

As we all know that beauty without virtue is useless so, what use of this beauty is, when the people living here are not safe? The government has failed to ensure the safety of its people and has quite often resorted to such activities which have created panic in the minds of all and left long lasting impressions on them. If everyone was created with the same intent, why is it with only the people of Kashmir that they have to face troubles in place of contentment? What is the fun of having all the essential things in your stock but unable to put them into use. A question that the people of Kashmir often raise is: what is the difference between them and others as far as enjoying the basic human rights are concerned? Why are they stopped from exercising their rights on issues of maintaining peace and security in the valley? Why are they deprived from the constitutional rights they have been given? Why is it such that if any one seeks to get the answer to basic questions, is being looked with suspicion and often his question goes unanswered? Why is it that they have to prove their authenticity time and again? It has given rise to a serious problem (stress) that is not limited to adults only but the children are also affected by the same. The stress related disorders have resulted in deteriorating the health of the people. They are not able to concentrate appropriately and so, are subjected to anxiety, irritability and inability to sleep properly. Being the most sensitive state there is hardly any guarantee for its people that they may be secured at all the time. This has also resulted in frustration among the people. The increased human rights violation has disturbed the whole system and as evident there is no one who is held accountable for the same. Thus, the anxiety that they might be the victims of the same has generated a fear among them which degrades their efficiency and the ability to respond in a proper way. If the right to freedom and right to speech are the basic fundamental rights that have been given, then why is it such that they are kept at bay from the same and if anybody tries to act as per his wish, he is being stopped and even discouraged? Many of the Kashmiri people even feel that they are living in a prison- as if their home land is under siege. They also opine that the daily life in Kashmir is governed by the draconian law (AFSPA) which proves a threat to their survival. Thus, being a Kashmiri is not as easy as it seems and it needs courage to face the hardships and the reality which is something else that is being shown.

Tail Piece: - The govt. in order to come up with the solution needs to analyze certain things which pertain to this problem. First it should devise a system which caters to the basic needs of the population. It needs to maintain a healthy relationship with the people and provide them with the much needed justice on time so as to maintain a congenial atmosphere and help to resolve the disputes amicably. It should stop human rights violation by keeping a check on the duties performed by the designated officials. AFSPA should be the point to ponder on as to know whether the said is really required or not. It is a threat to all as it gives special rights to the security forces to deal with any kind of problem. The people should be allowed to freely express their opinions so that the govt. could come to know about the need of the hour. It should maintain an equitable law and order where all are equal in the eyes of law and no one is favoured over other. Promoting the employment sector which would motivate the people to work hard and earn their rewards should also the priority of the govt. It needs a responsible government which could handle all the problems in addition to making the life of its people worth living. It must be in real sense the govt. for the people.

If the Govt. is able to win the hearts of people and make an atmosphere where all can enjoy their rights and contribute towards the developmental works, then the realisation that Kashmir is the paradise on earth can be justified both from the perspective of beauty as well as from human mentality which otherwise won’t. There is an urgent need to resolve the grievances so that the people could actually feel pride of being from such a beautiful valley, for which the government has to step forward and find a suitable and convenient methodology.

Author :Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi.

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