Friday, 15 March 2013

Kashmir : Then & Now

                          Come, Let Us Face The Reality

God has bestowed the universe with His beautiful creation that can take anyone by surprise, and make him to ponder at His magnificent power. India being no exception to the list of countries that has been bestowed with beautiful places has a great potential to attract tourists from across the globe. In this vast country, the jewel of the crown, Kashmir, as claimed to be the part of India, holds the prime importance for being, the paradise on earth. Having such a status and enjoying the praises of all, for its beauty, does not mean that everything therein is beautiful. This valley has been trodden by the conflict that started 23 years ago thus, goes against the perceived imagination, as far as the life of people living here is concerned. Gone are the days, when this place, used to enjoy the prominence of being the paradise on earth. Now it has turned into a living hell, where it is difficult for humans to survive prosperously. Why such a place has always remained the talk of the hour, is attributed to its improper governance, human rights violation cases, uncertainty about whom to blame for all that what happened and whom to support and follow.
Although the people from this beautiful place like others want to enjoy a normal life and aspire a better future but in return they are sprayed with bullets, awarded safety acts, hangings, imprisonments and so on. People are being suppressed and voices are being shattered which have rendered their hearts broken, with all they can do, is to pray for their well being. This paradise is guarded by almost seven lakh troops who enjoy the favour of the draconian act, AFSPA, by which they are free to do, whatever they want to, which ultimately has erased the word mercy from their lives. The only thing that matters to them is to maintain Law and Order, for which they could go to any extent and wreck havoc. While ensuring Law and order does not mean to take the lives of innocent people, rendering serious injuries to many others that is nearly equivalent to leaving them good for nothing, but the irony is that the security personnel don’t give a damn to anything, when they are given the task to deal with any situation. AFSPA, the most draconian and the severe of all the immunities, that the security forces enjoy, has made a hell like situation in Kashmir which is difficult for the people to resist and go with. AFSPA gives unbridled powers to the security forces. Incidences like unprovoked firing are no exception to it that often leads to the cold blooded murders of innocent youth. For instance what was the fault of Altaf Ahmad Dar, who used to live a normal life with his three daughters, to take care of, was killed while walking on the pavement, only to take revenge of the incident which left five security personnel dead. What sort of helplessness and what sort of justice is it? Should others be killed for no fault of theirs in any case? From past two decades, this paradise has become a safe haven for curfews, strikes, political turmoil’s, turbulence's, stone pelters, tear gases, pepper gases, safety acts as well as the killing of innocent lives. There are many more that have lost their lives and still remain unnoticed. Unmarked graves are a clear indication of this fact that there the law and order that can safeguard people from becoming victims is in itself the biggest threat to them.  The souls have been traumatised and brutalised in such a harsh manner that they have lost the reasons to live.
If this paradise was among the places where existence was harmonious, peaceful, prosperous and where happiness prevailed then why the same piece of land is under such a pathetic situation that has made the lives of people gloomy? When God Himself has bestowed great blessings on this piece of land, why are we unable to take advantage of it and maintain the same dignity and decorum that GOD has given to it? Why this paradise has become a place for bloodshed and tough for its own people to move? Will imposing curfews, restricting the movement, suppressing the voices of people, killing innocents, imposing the draconian acts and calling for strikes and Hartals(shut downs) solve the problem of people and will help this paradise to regain the charm that it has lost. If others are being honoured for their human rights why aren’t Kashmiris? Shouldn’t we call it double standards while dealing with the people of Kashmir? Much has been said and nothing has been done. Hollow promises, compensation for death, providing employment to the deceased peers will never act as a solution and no compensation can replace human life. The key resides in understanding the perceptions of the people and working in that direction with a good faith so, that they could retain their trust in the govt. which would imbibe a sense of security and safety in them for their future. Sooner or later it all depends on the governance and the faith that carries the nation forward and places it on the right track. The demand of the hour is to repeal the AFSPA so that the innocent people who have been the victims of this act are saved. Unless we swing into action let the act of God be our Savior till then......   !!

The writer is a student of Management at Lovely Professional University
Mubashir Jameel

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