Friday, 8 March 2013

Heartburn Leads To LifeBurn

                         By : Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
the Kashmiri people require a  tablet of omeprazole in early morning  more often than the cup of salty  noon chai. To a large extent we have became  habitual of taking omeprazole or its other family medicines in the early morning . Do you ever want to know what are the necessary details you must know before taking omeprazole on an empty vacuous stomach. You should know. And you should also go through some domestic as well as medical examinations and bring some mild modifications in your food consuming system which later can be transformed, incase you are feeling well.
omeprazole is the most widely prescribed over the counter drug, commonly used to treat a condition when the stomach acid comes up from the stomach to the esophagus, thus eroding the esophagus and causes damage to it. We get aware of this erosion when a burning sensation is felt behind the breast bone or sometimes in the esophagus too. Medical science call it pyrosis and we call it heartburn.
Why do we feel heartburn and how to keep it at bay? Well, eating tomatoes, and substances containing  surplus citric acid, and all those substances which are acidic in nature are responsible for causing the stomach to produce excessive acid, leading to acid reflux causing heartburn. The problem will escape by taking some gentle measures. A simple suggestion is taking a chilled edible base substance like milk on the empty stomach. So that it can confront the acidic substance, rather than taking a particular tablet of omeprazole that is having adverse effects ranging to fourteen. We should drink a large glass of water as soon as we feel the first flicker of a heartburn. The water will wash the acid back down our esophagus and into our stomach. The traditional Kashmiri tea 'kahwa' is also helpful, only if little changes are made in its preparation. The whole bark that we add to kahwa should be powdered and sugar should be avoided. More saliva should be generated so that it can neutralize the acid. Saliva can be generated more by chewing a quality chewing gum.
Some people also claim that they get relief from burning sensation by eating an whole apple. If remedies do not work properly and our heart burn persists
we should see a doctor so that our heart burn cannot become even worse. Perhaps these all ways and preparations will avoid heart burn whenever it triggers making you uncomfortable.
When continuous heart burn is ignored it gradually leads to stomach cancer. "Stomach and food pipe cancers are widely found in Kashmir as compared to other cities of India. We are probably one of the places in the world where these cancers are found in large numbers," said Dr. Showkat Zargar,
Stomach and food pipe cancers are on peak in Kashmir due to food habits. Around 2,500 people suffer from the dreaded disease in a year. According to a study done by an NGO, the Cancer Society of Kashmir, at least 70 per cent of the total cancer patients in Kashmir are suffering from stomach and food pipe cancers. In Kashmir sour spices are consumed on a large scale. Besides traditional food habits, intake of Kashmiri tea "noon chai' that contains sodium bicarbonate, is held responsible for the spurt in number of stomach cancer patients.. This is resulting in increase in stomach cancer patients.
I cannot force to replace all the medicines with remedies, as some of the diseases can be cured and ulcers can only be healed by relative medicines. But we have developed a culture like habit of taking proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole and pantoprazole, rabeprazole as well. We are not fully aware of their adverse effects. We only use to imitate relatives,friends if they have been cured with such medicines. Some of the people across our valley also suffer due to their high prices. Our heartburn can be treated around a short period even with DPC (drug price controlled)medicines if an expert gastroenterologist will be consulted at right time. Hence we should leave the habit of self medication that we start right from the morning.

The Authorof this article is a freelance writter blogger and columnist :                                      Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh