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A Grave Concern : Old Age Homes

                    Human conscience and old-age homes

                  Although not scripted but we cranked it

“Lord Be Merciful To Them (My Parents) For They Have Brought Me Up In the Childhood (Al-Quran)”

                                                              Research Scholar at LPU, writes:
When my diapers needed changing, when I cried all night long and kept them awake with worry, when I was ill, they didn't drop me off anywhere. It was thy, who hold their head for every sake of mine. It takes a village to raise a child reveals the roles our parents have to adhere to for our upbringing. From teachers, best friends to role models they have carved themselves to fit in all shoes for us. Their endurance of not giving up on our learning’s and holding onto us, creates a magic band effect on our ways to reveal the phases of life. Our parents, who sacrificed their aspects for our better being, have never had an opposite sigh on us. All the worries weigh off your mind just by their mere presence, they have the power to set your soul at peace. Their words, lozenge to our sourness, a powerhouse to the darkness can cure thousands wounds in no time, have spiritual, angelic touch to create heavenly redemption on the child. Almighty Lord commands about attaining highest degree of purity and spirituality by just looking affectionately at your parents. Heavens lies beneath their feet and how can a hell fire broke on you when the Lord of heavens residing with you are happy with you.
Our Parents cared for us at times when we couldn’t even index anything for us and the love of them was always uncountable and never ever they cared or had a thought of being repaid for the same. Blessed are the children who had an opportunity of serving their parents and they did carried what Lord commanded to them. Lord couldn’t be everywhere so He bestowed us with parents, which literary means our God lies in them. The present scenario reveals that we are abandoning the highest level of God’s creation. They need care in the old age and we can’t and shouldn’t shun away from our responsibilities by just opting for the option of old-age homes. Where do our ethics and moral lines of life deteriorate while adhering to the deadliest decision of lodging our parents to these old-age homes? Modern era is a nuclear typo where the couples work for every penny, materialistic urges drive people rather cultural and emotional ones but to this, old-age agencies can’t and is never a solution. How can people be junks and slap a question mark of not having privacy if parents move along them. Our parents never claimed about the same in their times. When we couldn't feed ourselves, they fed us, when we couldn't control our bowels, they cleaned us, when we couldn't control ourselves and broke something, and they didn't throw us out. The rising old-age homes are sending negative vibes in the society which can lead us to astray. The scene of society is such that it emotionality and ethicality hardly matters to the people. We crush those hearts who prayed for our well-being every second of time. There are several number of old-age shelter homes in the nation and the numbers are rising with the passage of time. Certain such homes do a free-care for the abandoned citizens and carry with their charity but still its perturbing that why should we leave parents on mercy of others.  Why should our old parents suffer for all the goods they have done for us?  People are relocating themselves to urban areas for betterment opportunities, abandoning the hearts that feel everything for them. They leave their parents on mercy of God. Youngsters on their part are sometimes resentful and cheese-off their morality towards their parents leaving no option for their parents to be a part of dread-full shelter home. This is very unfortunate and heart-breaking.
How on earth should I have a loosen sight for what they went through in my childhood and be not grateful to the Lord for such bestowing. How can a servant not be faithful to his Master, how can we deceive this pious creation of God by heart-breaking them in the times when they do really look-up to us! We can’t leave them on the mercy of others. Life is short and at the fairy end what really matters is the love, what better and real place is there else than a family to get this lasting love. To axe anyone from family is betraying oneself from love. This selfishness of putting parents in old-age homes is certainly going to create guilt void in us whose scars are deadliest and have stigma attached to it. If it ever comes to the point in anyone’s life where they have to decide between caring for their parents and handing them off to someone else so that they can "live their own life", they shouldn’t do it, not in a million years. Don’t be infinitely selfish and live with guilt of abandoning and axing your loved ones. Maybe tomorrow you are in their shoes and story gets repeated then you will certainly have no one to even apologise to. So before the menace engulfs the society the value of the God’s highest level creation (parents) needs to be realised and respected in the context of revelation from Almighty. The respect towards parents and our roles and responsibilities should be deemed in such a way that even the Creator feels proud of the creation. Be obedient and loyal to your parents such that they become your doors to heaven. May Almighty bestow us and enrich our souls such that we can deal with our parents with high regards and respect. Ameen....   

Author : Junaid Shaida
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