Friday, 15 February 2013

Valley Freeze With Politics Not With Climate : Timeline Of Week


The Kashmir Valley remained on the peak of Indian Media more than Afzal Guru after his execution on last Saturday Morning. As it was believed that Guru’s execution could ignite tension inside Kashmir. When Afzal was executed the valley of Kashmir was under curfew. People across the valley were unknown about the fact. The hawkers as usual came out on streets and roads early in the morning to start their business on Saturday morning, but when they saw patrol of local and central forces around they turned back. After an hour the susurration about execution spread. It was a surprise for whole muslim community here in Kashmir.

The curfew remained nearly for a week continuously with erratic deals. The Internet expired on day of Guru’s execution in valley. No one could use internet for a weeek. The Cyber specialists as well as Bloggers from valley became handicapped. Some of the news channels were also not seen on Screens of Television. For couple of days News papers didn’t  reached the doorsteps of subscribers and readers. It seemed difficult for Government employees to reach their concerned departments, especially for essential services like Doordarshan  Kendra, Radio Kashmir and Health concerned departments.

People in downtown area suffered much as compared to people living in civil lines. The shortage of fresh vegetables and huge delay in other perishable food supplements was seen. Examinations were postponed which still depend on future circumstances.

Today in late evening internet over valley was made active. At most People in valley are waiting for a normal day back.

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