Sunday, 13 January 2013

Video On Youtube Proved Outrageous : Not a Retributive justice to the nabbed one.

A video on the youtube has been uploaded recently which is openly revealing the punishment which is not from any angle retributive justice to the nabbed one. The video is openly showing the Jammu & Kashmir Police men (CRPF may also be involved[not proven]) punishing a boy immorally. The boy is being stripped and punished by a dozen of police men. A police spokesman has told " FIR has been registered and investigation will be carried".
This video has become popular inside valley and people has downloaded it and are sharing it on large scale. However it has provoked anger in the people and situation can turn more furious if the people will continue its sharing. The Inside Kashmir team is expressing profound grief for the injustice done to the Nabbed.
You can watch the video below:

We disclaim that this video is not our asset and has not been uploaded by Inside Kashmir. However it has been embedded from Youtube. We are not responsible for the content shown in it. Moreover we suggest to keep your wards away while watching it, as it may harm emotions.