Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Traffic Signals Are The good Toys In My City : This Assuages Anger

Did it mean for only LAL Chowk, that people should obey Traffic signals ?

 From the past couple of monthes traffic signals were installed in the city Srinagar. But people on a large scale are not following them. In the shehar e khaas the traffic signal installed at Khanyar 3 way and at the same 3way Gojwara Chowk no traffic cop is deployed nor the people are obeying and following the red signal there.
Authorities must check this serious case. Sometimes the traffic signals around the whole city do not work properly, creating choas, which ultimately results in disobidience of the rules.
The traffic cops only use to catcall when VIPs travel through the area where they are deployed.
City is suffering from the deficiemcy of Traffic cops nowadays. This assuage can be obliterated by recruiting cops on all the spots where the lights have been installed till the time when all the citizens will adopt an habit of braking their wagons infront of stop line drawn near Traffic Signal.

(Srinagar Live)