Friday, 25 January 2013

The Prophet of Peace and Prosperity (SAW)


At times when the whole world was reeling under ignorance and the religion of Islam was still to flourish fully; Almighty Allah send our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to this universe with the task of emancipating this grave problem the people were indulged in and to spread the word of Allah to one and all. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was born on 12th Rabi-ul-Awal which we commonly celebrate as Eid Milad Un Nabi (SAW). Our beloved Prophet was the last Prophet whom Almighty Allah sent as a messenger of peace, prosperity and progress. This day is of immense importance to the whole Muslim community as they thank the Almighty for His favour to bless them with such a beloved Prophet who showed them the righteous path to follow and will be a source of mercy for them on the day of resurrection. Prophet Mohammad (SAW), an example of what an ideal human being should be, preached the word of Allah to the people and enlightened their vision to differentiate between the just and unjust practices. He revealed the ways which one is expected to follow so as to live a noble and perfect life. Getting the people shun their immoral activities was not an easy task for our beloved Prophet (SAW), but through patience our beloved Prophet (SAW) moulded the hearts of all to the way of God. Co-operative, merciful, generous, trustworthy, honest all these highlight the traits which made our beloved Prophet (SAW) the most influential among all. In addition to acquaint people about the moral conduct to follow, our Prophet (SAW) taught the lessons of brotherhood, co-operation and unity which ultimately lead to the creation of societal harmony where all used to benefit without harming others and without any consideration of materialistic profits. 
Words will come to an end and the time will run short, but the virtues of our beloved Prophet (SAW) will still remain to be unwritten and unheard of. The teachings of our beloved Prophet (SAW) are of immense importance in one’s life. Inculcating all of them within, will definitely make a human being worth of all praises and a society where all contribute towards its development. But a look at the present scenario brings into light that as if one seems to have forgotten all the beautiful sayings of our beloved Prophet (SAW) whose consequences we are facing in the light of rising crimes, unethical practices, and immoral activities, that have ultimately paved way for a morally degraded and discarded society. Today the rising immoral activities, profit seeking relationships, lying, and inhuman behaviour have taken a tool on the lives of people. In this modern and technologically developed era, the people have forgot how to differentiate between the right and wrong, the fair and unfair practices, and the most severe how to behave with others that is getting worse than ever. Although the knowledge is more, but the utility of knowledge is missing. It is an irony that when we have been guided and showed the right path to follow by the most perfect human being on earth, but still we are not taking advantage of it. Instead we are going in that direction which leads to the fury of our Almighty. When we all know that our beloved Prophet (SAW) has been sent as a blessing for the whole humanity, then why are we unable to inculcate and impart his beautiful sayings in ourselves to get rid of the ignorance we still prevail under. 
This day is a good chance for all of us to remind ourselves the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and inculcate the same within so that we too are among the ones who follow the path of justice and work for the upliftment of the whole humanity. We should introspect our activities and bring a timely change in ourselves which would facilitate our way in this world and the hereafter. The way one should deal with others, the life style that is expected to follow and the basic mannerism that one is supposed to have so as to be fair with respect to the teachings of our beloved Prophet need to be brought so that we may be blessed by our Almighty. We can have the mercy of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) only when we follow his teachings in real spirit and do justice with his beautiful commands. Today when our society is losing its harmony and has itself become a threat for the mankind, it is a nice time for all of us to change it for our betterment and to start with, the need is to bring a change in ourselves that correspond to what our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has ordered us through his teachings. It is indeed a better opportunity for us to take a pledge and work towards the right cause; the cause of upliftment of humanity and the progress and prosperity of our societies keeping in view the valuable teachings of our beloved Prophet (SAW). Let us work for establishing a peaceful and prosperous future ahead.
Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

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