Friday, 11 January 2013

Srinagar City Observes Number of Power Cuts During Couple of Hours

City from the last month is experiencing huge number of power cuts during the day. It has been said that electricity lasts for only an hour to two hour mostly. A local also claimed that the voltage remains very low, during whole day which creates misery for the people in the extreme chill.The power in the metered areas also remain same.  The executives were directed to avoid these power cuts but no change in the power schedule is seen.The unexpected power cuts create problems for valley's computer boys who use to work on computer for hours. The power cuts has also created insanitation and unhygienic environment.It is amazing to hear, "when chief engineer of  power development department on Radio Kashmir was vowing to avoid further power cuts, people across valley claimed that there radio sets were playing on direct current, instead of alternate current.

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