Sunday, 6 January 2013

Provide safety

Human development largely depends on the type of society that is being inhabited by them. A society with lofty values paves a way for inclusive growth in contrast to a morally degraded society characterised by rising crimes which ultimately becomes a cause for their decline. Human beings in order to progress need such a society that is free from all evil things (crimes) so, that a congenial atmosphere is made that provides an equal opportunity for all to excel and march towards intended goals. One such question that needs to be answered is: whether the society we are living in is of such a kind? No, definitely not. The rising crime incidents are a clear indication of that fact that our society is deeply crime ridden. Committing crimes poses a serious problem in the path of achieving crime free societies while at the same time prove to be a major setback in the progress of any nation. The rising crime incidents against women have shocked everyone while at the same time have raised concerns about the future of a nation where women are not safe. It is a pity that a nation that is yet to recuperate from the past incidents finds another unfortunate event on the cards with no or less hope for improvement what so ever.
Following the Delhi gang rape case, the incident of acid attack on a lady has once again created a lot of panic among the women folk. It has raised concerns about the safety measures that are being followed to protect them from any untoward incident which as of now have proved to be vague. Time and again these types of incidents highlight the ineffectiveness of the authorities in dealing with crimes against women while bringing into light how miserably they have failed to curb the rising crime incidents. Glancing through the statistics compiled by the NCRB (National crime records bureau) 2011 report, the total crime incidences reported against women stand at 2, 28,650. The total number of rape cases have been figured as 24,206 with a conviction rate of 26.4. This alone is not surprising but when we take a look at the crime statistics against women in our own state, a steep increase in the crime incidences is being observed. The number of rape cases in 2010 were 245 which in 2011 rose to 277. Similarly molestation, eve teasing and dowry deaths, have also been reported with increasing figures of 1194 from 1038, 350 from 262, and 11 from 9 for each molestation, eve teasing and dowry deaths respectively over the years 2011 and 2010. These all highlight the atrocities that over a few years have grown by a large extent and are being viewed as a serious threat to the honour of women. Our system has been unable to frame policies that would have effectively tacked such issues, which ultimately can be thought of as a main reason that gives a free hand to anyone to take the law in its hands. Failing to award punishment on time to the perpetrators encourages them to do wrong acts again and again which is evident from the crime statistics. Liberty and integrity of women cannot be compromised at any cost but the present situation seems to be contradicting with the same. It is astonishing to notice that the women who are worthy of all the honour and respect are being treated in such an inhuman way and the administration has totally failed to ensure their safety. Had the laws formulated been effective, the scenario would have been somewhat different. A fear psychosis has gripped the minds of women about being the next victims of any untoward incident. Such type of crimes not only create disturbance in the societies but also have a devastating effect on the victims which continue to haunt them all through their life. No sort of compensation can be enough for a victim who has been assaulted by any means. The grim situation demands an immediate intervention of the authorities so as to come up with policies that could minimize these crimes and pave way for a healthy atmosphere. It is high time when the administration should act promptly so that crimes against women could come to an end.
As evident from the aftermath of the Delhi gang rape, the central govt. left no stone unturned to save the victim but all in vain. Although the J&K state administration has also decided to borne all the medical expenses for the victim of acid attack, but what would be the cost of the pain and agony that she and her family would have to suffer throughout their life? Who is going to compensate her for that loss?  Who is to be blamed? Our system which has failed to come up with a policy that could have severely dealt with such crimes or our own selves who have forgot how to deal with our counterparts? It is a nice opportunity for the state administration to implement stringent laws so that there would be no such incidents and no more victims. Further the need to awaken the conscience so as to contribute in the progress of society is must to give birth to a society that provides ample opportunities in everyone’s development. Any society in order to reclaim its harmony needs the co-operation of both the genders. An environment where both show mutual respect towards each other can work a lot in this cause. Decent moral values need to be developed within ourselves that refrain one from evil practices. The need of the hour is to honour the obligation of protecting woman’s modesty and chastity so that a sense of social security is regained. The dream of a crime free society is still to be achieved which can only be possible when one and all contribute towards this objective. A collective responsibility of both the genders is necessary so as to give rise to an environment where all feel safe and secure. It is a fact that things are not going to change unless and until we change ourselves and pave way for the betterment of our future. We have to support the administration in true sense for eradicating such heinous crimes. 
The authors are the students from different institutions :
Syed Maafid Rashid Andrabi (IUST)
Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi (LPU)
Syed Irtiqa Kaushfi (K.U)

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