Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Imeffective Education

  “The sacredness of education has lost to the worldly benefits”.

Today’s education seems to be valueless, lacking the much needed ability to mould the behaviour of students for their betterment and welfare. Education, that is necessary to broaden the vision and pave way for a better future, is now a day’s being viewed as a mere object which is good enough to earn significant amount of profit. The increase in the number of education imparting institutes clearly highlights this fact while justifying the truth that the spirit of education that should have been imparted by them stands inversely proportional to their commitment and number. Establishing tuition centres owing to their capability to earn handsome profits has become a routine. Although, most of the teachers being fully employed govt. teachers, but still their desire to earn more wealth compels them to establish private tuition centres under the garb of giving something to the society which all are acquainted with. Devoid of the infrastructure, these coaching centres enrol so many children that it almost becomes impossible for a student sitting at the back to properly visualise what is being written. Lack of basic amenities with improper monitoring of the activities often result in the unfortunate and uncivilized incidents creating misery for both the students and teachers.
Private educational institutes too are not far away from this fact. They often demand higher educational fee while the quality of education that is being imparted remains a questionable issue. Demanding fee on various pretexts has become common for all which often lands the parents in trouble. As we all know that the utility of education is not only confined to the improvement in the academic life of a student but the overall personality should change by virtue of it, which seems to be vague as per the present scenario. Education that is an ornament in adversity is losing its effectiveness in shaping the future of its seekers. In the race to earn more and more money, the value of education has lost somewhere which has raised concerns about its implications on the coming generations. Education is aimed at the overall development of an individual while creating a moral enlightment within to pave way for a better and prosperous future. But the present scenario does not seem to be in its favour. Moral degradation characterised by rising crime incidents have shaken our societies and are being viewed as a serious threat for its existence. Although being educated but the inability to distinguish between the just and the unjust practices raises a question as to what sort of education is being imparted by our educational institutes? Who is to be blamed for that? Our own selves or the education imparting mediums? Isn’t the role of education to awake the conscience of its seekers for their betterment? Why has the moral enlightment not occurred even though much is being learned and taught? The main reason is that the education is not being imparted in a sense it should have been and so it lacks the ability to nurture the talent as well as the to mould the behaviour of its seekers. Although being so called educated, the new generation is getting wayward instead of being civilized. Education that imparts necessary skills and knowledge among the students is yet to overcome all the hurdles in its way to contribute in the development process. Its real meaning and significance is yet to be understood. A probable question that needs to be answered is: Where is the relevance of education in emasculating the rising crime incidents and unethical ways of doing business?  It seems that the education has lost its worth and there hardly seem any chances for it to bring a much needed change. A nation is known by its citizens who if educated can shape its future towards a bright and progressive way. Education that is a tool to turn the dreams into reality is unable to do the needful because till now we have not really understood its importance in the progress of a nation. It is only being viewed as a tool to earn profit while its real motive and significance has lost in the world of benefits.    
It is high time when the educational institutions should realise the necessity to impart quality education which is capable of standing against all odds and still drive way towards the development of an individual & to the nation as whole. Education blended with moral development is the need of hour to eradicate all the social evils. Then only justice can be done with the real meaning of education. If the education imparting mediums contribute in a fair and justified manner, then only the education can be worth to make the individuals more disciplined and responsible. They need to abide by the law in true spirit and play their role in contributing towards the process of building a civilized nation. The students too need to reflect at their behaviour and make room for a well and more suitable environment where there are ample chances for their development. If all play their role in a sensible manner then this society will be a better place to live in. Imparting education and seeking it is the noblest of all works, so, it should be done in a manner that enlightens the soul with its beautification and therefore proves itself to be a boon to the society and to its existence. Education in real sense is aimed at bringing an overall change in one’s attitude so that it could be developed in such a way so as to make him a better prospect for tomorrow. As we all know that a child of today is a citizen of tomorrow, so the major role that education imparting institutions have to play in one’s life is to make him a better citizen by inculcating proper moral beliefs and quality education in him while at the same time ensuring that progress is being made towards the accomplishment of the goals. Getting educated makes a man good enough to differentiate between the just and unjust practices. It should not be considered as a mere object to earn profits but a tool that can bring about a revolution if used correctly.

Authors :
Syed Irtiqa Kaushfi (K.U).
Syed Mushafiq Hussain (K.U).
Syed Maafid Rashid Andrabi (IUST).

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