Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shia Sunni Tension

12/2/2012 : Srinagar city's nowhatta and zadibal town which provide space for blood circulation for capital are under the curfew from last couple of days. It is being reported that two group became violated during the days when muharram procession was to be taken from Gulshan Bagh a local small town dominated by shia muslims. People were seen whispering about thievery which took place at hawal area before Ashura. The shia muslims were seen blaming opposite sectarians for thievery of religious banners. Some of the extremists hurled stones and damaged the window panes of shia residents at hawal area which shares its walls with sunni muslims. Shia muslims blamed police favouring sunni muslims . However when a political/religious leader Iftikhar Hussain Ansari's son visited the offended area of Hawal he saw shia dominated area in detriment. He immediately transferred the police official who was blamed to favor one group.

(Srinagar Live)