Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Prophet Muhammad's Cartoon and Other Graphic Violence on Facebook

The most popular Social networking web site Facebook is the most famous chit chat site on Internet. It provides its users with most facilities and enables them to create pages whether they are official or fan pages for celebrities and other noted public figures.
Facebook has created problems from time to time by annoying contents published by its users on it. Facebook has also provided space for some pages which are violating the terms of Facebook and also intervening in the standards of religion.
On the same time A page namely Hindu Hindi Hindurashtra has violated the rules and has ignited anger in the muslims. As, this page publishes its contents which are wholly against islam. It has published the cartoon image of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which is a graphic violence. It has also published a photo depicting feet of a lady on Holy Quran.
So, to avoid any sectarian violence between Hindu and Muslims Government should take strict action against the admin of page and it should be removed from Facebook as soon as posssible.

(News Update - Srinagar Live)