Monday, 17 December 2012

No Dooms Day In Srinagar : 21 December 2012

Susurration Around City About Dooms Day On 21 December 

The rumor has also arrived in our  kashmir's srinagar city about the coming dooms day on 21 December 2012 (according to some beliefs) . Though NASA officially refused this eve but Wikipedia the international Article encyclopedia states it as "2012 Phenomenon" . 21 December is the last date of a 5125 long cycle mesoamerican long count calander accoring to which some transformative events will occur on this date.
Referring to our state Kashmir and moving to Srinagar City many people described their views while we interviewed youth as well children at boulevard road today and asked about 21 December.

Ghulam Nabi Malik : a local told this is solid mendacity spread by America to weaken the muslim faith"
Arshid Bashir Dar : a local told any event may occur but that is according to Mayans, muslims should refuse.
Altaf Wani : a traveler to city told we must not believe.
Arif Mukhtar : A children told 'i am afraid and i will not sleep the whole 20th night'
Showkat Mir : A local told 'with the help of you I want to send a message to muslims that many muslims are being mocked about the arrival of Imam Mehdi (a.s.)  from occultation on 21 December.

Above were the few views described by locals in Srinagar City.

Scholars from various disciplines have dismissed the idea of such event to occur in future. NASA scientists say that 21st December 2012 will be nothing more than a normal December. And rumors about black out on 21 December are only rumors. All the muslims living in Kashmir and especially in Srinagar are being appealed By Srinagar Live team that there is nothing going bad on 21 december. "wo aek samanya din hoga"

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