Monday, 3 December 2012

First Time such a Long Sectarian Violence in Srinagar during 21st Century

12/3/2012: Srinagar city's main areas of Nowhatta,Urdu Bazaar, and zadibal are under curfew. These areas has witnessed the tension between two different groups of muslims from 9th muharram this year. But this time the story on the ground is quite different. This refers to that shoes that depicted Imam Ali Murtaza a.s. name on its outer surface. This print of shoes naturally ignited anger in the shia muslims of whole state. As the zadibal area was already under sectarian tension because of muharram procession, the shoe later brought more conflict. When shia muslims tried to protest against the company who manufactured the boot forced the shopkeepers to keep their shops closed. Some of the shop keepers instead of being muslims refused to close their shops. This became reason of the conflict which is still alive in the valley.
Later sunni muslims fought with minority shia muslims and Jammu and Kashmir Police favored the majority. Later shia muslims approached their leaders and CRPF was deployed than.
The situation is still tense and muslims have not yet received any message of peace from the kashmiri revolutionary leaders and separatists.

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