Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Time for NEW Resolutions

Here is a hoping that the coming year enlighten our lives with peace, joy, prosperity and make us a better prospect for the coming future.

Time comes and passes by but it is we who have to take it into account because of its importance in our welfare. We are soon going to step into a new year but what seems to be a valid question is: what we have learnt from our past experiences and what we wish our future to be like. New Year is a time for all to make new resolutions so as to bring a change in their existing state and march towards the intended destination with a much better perspective and more improved chances of success. Striving to find the better ways enfolds the keys of success. Although the state govt. succeeded in ensuring that the present year too remains peaceful as was the previous year but certain events were such that which created a lot of hindrances in this path and need to be looked at with utmost care. If we glance through the events that happened in this year, one might certainly get a good number of reasons to make some new resolutions.     

The unfortunate event of burning down of Dastgeer Sahib Shrine raised concerns about the safety measures that are being taken to protect such religious places from any untoward incident. On one side outraging the whole Muslim fraternity and on the other side making them wonder as to why such magnificent places are being attacked, created a very tense situation in the state which prompted the enforcing agencies to tie their laces and be prepared to handle the wrath of the people.  In addition to this, time and again house arrest of the separatist leaders also made a significant contribution in making one feel that the conditions are not as such as are being reported. Achieving the right to education, by incorporating certain provisions of the Central Act which was introduced in 2002, still remained a dream as the committee failed to make recommendations as per the time frame set by the state govt. Power crisis on the other side continued to had its impact on a majority of population which forced them to block the roads in addition to holding dharnas or resorting to certain other anti-social methods. The sectarian clashes that erupted in the valley were the first of its kind which prompted one to think that whether our societies were having a truly harmonious relationship within the different sects or not. It raised concerns about the disturbance that could be created on account of instigating people against each other and the destruction thereafter. The state administration faced a very bad time while enforcing law and order and ensuring that the conditions return to normal with minimal loss. Adding fire to the fuel was the implementation of the cap on subsidized cylinders which restricted the customers from getting the LPG cylinders as per their normal routine. They had to face a tough time in getting the documents verified failing to which they were rejected of the cylinders and had to return their homes almost bear handed. This again created a sense of chaos and confusion which made the entire population of the state almost restless in anticipation of what is going to happen to them in the future. 
Although the year stands testimony to various problems that people as well as the state authorities had to face but, the fact that millions of the tourists thronged the valley provides a much better insight that the govt. is tapping each and every opportunity in its way to create a tourist friendly environment which is definitely a welcome step and needs appreciation. The success of Amaranth Yatra is also a better indication that seems to restore the credibility of the pilgrims in state govt. Looking through the prism of such incidents, the arrival of New Year may definitely be a good time for the govt. to revive the policies with a view to overcome the shortcomings and to perform the functions in an organized manner with more efficiency. It will also serve as an opportunity to build upon the gains already made. A new year with new resolutions may serve as a base which could be used to undertake more developmental projects aimed at relieving people from their sufferings and at the same time raising their standard of living by providing them accessibility to various offerings that are of immense importance in their lives. Further the need of govt. to maintain a healthy relationship with the people so as to know their requirements needs to be stressed and in turn should be encouraged to get a real view of the picture.
May this New Year come as a blessing for us and enrich our lives with joy and peace.

(Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi - Srinagar Live)